RNC Chair Responds To SOTU

Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus responded to Barack Obama's State of the Union speech last night. In his address, he called for spending cuts and rightly pointed out that Obama's "balanced approach" was higher taxes.

Priebus said it was "good to hear him talk about the economy for a change." However, he was on to say, "America needs more than talk; we also need action from the president."

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"Our federal government has a spending problem that affects our economy and every one of us--and while the president may talk a good game, he has done nothing but make it worse for the last four years," he said.

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"As a father of two, I’m worried about what our 16 trillion dollar national debt means for my children," he added. "Like any parent, my goal for them is to grow up and have it better than I did."

Pointing out that Washington borrows billions of dollars every day in which our children's future is put up as collateral, he said, "If we don’t stop spending too much, the next generation will have to pay off our debts."

Priebus said that reckless spending does many things from hurting the economy to creating uncertainty. This means businesses are not putting people back to work or increasing wages.

The RNC chairman rightly said,

"President Obama says he wants a “balanced approach” to reduce our deficit. That’s code for higher taxes. But he already got his tax increases--and not just on rich people. If you’ve looked at your paycheck lately, you probably noticed it shrank. Why? Payroll taxes went up this year."

He also warned that we have not yet felt the full impact of the massive tax increase that is Obamacare.

According to Priebus, "Republicans want more money in your pocket--not in government's pocket." On the heels of that statement he said, " We have to get our fiscal house in order so we can strengthen Medicare and save Social Security."

Strengthen Medicare and Social Security? Seriously? Again, more socialist programs being brought to the forefront in response to spending cuts. Both of those programs are a failure and anyone who takes the time to view what actually takes place with that money must realize that is nothing more than dependency upon the government for retirement and healthcare, and yes I realize you pay into it. However, you must also be aware that when you are paying into it, it's for the people ahead of you. It's always been that way since it's inception. This should not be what is put forth in the midst of a responses about reckless spending and Obamacare taxes. Each of these things are socialist in nature.

I have to ask, the House is controlled by Republicans. Why are they not standing their ground and actually working to put more money in our pockets? Their "fiscal cliff" deal cost everyone who makes more than $40,000 money. That's right. As I've said all along, both sides bear blame in our debt problem.

Barack Obama is a major problem, but seriously, when Congress (be it Democrats or Republicans) will not stick to its enumerated powers, this is where the downfall comes. When is there going to be more than talk from the guys who claim to be on our side? When will they actually take a stand and declare "No more" and actually hold the line, or even better, reverse the situation? Don't tell me about Republicans not winning. They obviously control the House or at least by numbers they do.

While the House has put forth a budget every year, it's not been a balanced one and that budget funds things that are unconstitutional. Both sides are guilty of wasteful spending and until we realize that and place people in office who actually believe the principles they put forth, we will continue down the road of debt.

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