Retired DIA Lt. Gen. Promotes Book While Maintaining PC Etiquette

In an interview with the Daily Caller News Foundation, Lt. General Michael T. Flynn, Hussein Soetoro’s former Defense Intelligence Agency director, indirectly claimed the united States is losing the war against ISIS, both on the battlefield and off it.  This comes as no surprise to many Americans since Hussein Soetoro, from the beginning of his “reign” almost eight years ago, vowed to take the side of Muslims over Americans, take the side of terrorists instead of supporting this nation’s security, and had all references to Islam, jihad and Islamic terrorism scrubbed from training manuals used by government agencies.  Americans watched as the federal government under the direction of Hussein Soetoro aided and abetted Islamic terrorists and ISIS through “accidental” dropping of supplies over ISIS controlled regions in Iraq and Syria.  All the while, both chambers of Congress have turned a blind eye to these actions and the military commanders continue to follow a traitor’s instruction to continue acts of treason.

The report by the Daily Caller continues:

“The enemy has more than doubled in capacity and capability and geographical footprint around the world,” said Lt. Gen. Michael T. Flynn in an interview with The Daily Caller News Foundation. “We’ve lost the strategic initiative in this war. And the enemy has the strategic initiative.”

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Flynn told TheDCNF that ISIS, which has slaughtered thousands of Iraqi and Syrian Christians, Yazidis and Shia Muslims, now has momentum as it deploys 30,000 troops in Iraq and Syria.

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“They have a strategic depth right now to their battlefield. We don’t have that. And that’s something we have to regain,” he said.

The interview with Lt. General Michael Flynn comes one week after his book, “The Field of Flight:  How We Can Win the Global War Against Radical Islam and Its Allies,” co-authored with historian Michael LeDeen, was released.  Flynn stated he wrote the book because he felt strongly that we are losing the war against ISIS due to the atmosphere of political correctness whereby the government will not allow intelligence to even name the enemy.  To combat this continued threat, Flynn and LeDeen “call for destruction of the ‘jihadi armies,’ a digital and mass media campaign to discredit the radical ideology and mounting ‘a direct challenge to the regimes that support our enemies,’ including North Korea, Iran, Russia and Cuba.”

Both condemn the Hussein Soetoro administration’s heavy use of drone strikes and “tactical successes on the battlefield” claiming such successes are illusory.  

Flynn stated to the DCNF, “We think attacking in Fallujah and routing them again – for the third or fourth time now – that makes us feel good.  Or we kill some guy in Yemen with a drone and we feel good about that.”

But, Flynn contends, rightly so, the ISIS plan involves the entire world, not just parts of the Middle East where the group controls vast swaths of land.  When ISIS suffers battlefield setbacks, Flynn states ISIS counters in places like Orlando, San Bernadino, Brussels, Paris and Istanbul.  Flynn, who is described as an outspoken critic of Hussein Soetoro’s refusal to use the term “radical Islam,” blames this failure to identify the enemy as a hindrance to developing a strategy to combat its spread.

The Daily Caller reports:

“The President says, ‘what difference does it make what you call the enemy.’ Are you kidding me? As an intelligence officer, I would never get away with that. I could never say, ‘well you know boss, I don’t label this enemy that we’re facing.’” Flynn was an intelligence officer for 33 years.

What is needed, Flynn told TheDCNF, is “an entirely new strategy, and intelligence must drive this. Good intelligence has to start with properly and clearly defining this enemy.” The new president has to use the term “radical Islam” within all military, intelligence and law enforcement agencies.

“Within the government, within the Department of Justice, the Department of Defense, you have practically eliminated any training or any use of the term ‘radical Islam.’ That’s what we’re facing,” he told TheDCNF.

Ledeen, in a separate interview with TheDCNF, said a new administration must also confront the “secular allies” of ISIS.

“It’s not just radical Islam. It’s radical Islam, plus their radical, secular allies North Korea, Russia, China, Cuba. So we’re fighting a global alliance which is coming after us,” said Ledeen. “We should stand up for our own values and waging political war against them as we did against the communism and fascism in the last century.”

Those in alternative media, those who are constitutionalists and those who are devoted to this republic saw the writing on the wall while Hussein Soetoro was campaigning for the Democratic Party nomination in 2008.  After Hussein Soetoro was selected, oops, elected, to hold the Oval Office and began to purge the reference of any Islamic organization or Islam itself as a terrorist entity, citizens spoke out to their representatives.  Citizens watched as those in government and intelligence ignored the lawless nature of Hussein Soetoro.  As Soetoro’s treasonous actions and nature became more overt, citizens yelled again then watched as those in government engaged in dog and pony shows with nothing to show for the taxpayer dollars spent on empty hearings and hot air promises.

So, exactly who has not stood up for our American values and the republic established under the Constitution?  From where many sit, it is the fault of both chambers of Congress, those in the intelligence community, and those in government agencies who march in lock-step with Hussein Soetoro’s lawlessness, illegal unconstitutional edicts and limp wrist policies that weaken this republic as a whole.

The question many citizens want answered is “who is this Hussein Soetoro character that supposed adult men fear to the point of selling out this nation?”  

It’s difficult to take Flynn seriously since he was a Hussein Soetoro nominee and die-hard Democrat.  But, Flynn wants the spotlight now to voice his “outrage” only because he has a newly released book to promote.  He’s ready to line his pockets on the back of betrayal to the republic since he was complicit with this administration’s lawlessness and naive policies.  The “entertainment politics” works for the “entertainment-seeking” public and those with a 36-hour news memory.  However, Flynn is engaging in the same use of “B, G & C” tactics and skillful manipulation of the media, similar to tactics used by members of both chambers of Congress, which those who support the Constitution will see through in a heartbeat.

Many can agree with Flynn and LeDeen.  However, it is the entire ideology of Islam that is the enemy since it is totally anathema to the values of western civilization.  There is no such thing as “radical” Islam.  Imams and Turkish President Erdogan have stated on multiple occasions, “Islam is Islam.”  Until Flynn and LeDeen totally rid themselves of political correctness, their “media whoring” is nothing more than public relations appearances to promote the sales of their book.  In other words, this is fake outrage using the same politically correct term, “radical Islam,” by a former administration stooge and historian who has bought and drank the “slush” of political elites, knowing this nation is fighting communism, fascism, socialism, and Marxism within its own borders – it’s called the Democrat and Republican parties.  These two should take their own advice to recognize and name the enemy since they miss the enemies from within.

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