A Response to Ignorant Liberals Who Do Not Understand How the Constitution Protects Individual Rights

“Dave, you’re never going to see this because constitutional Fred is going to delete it. That’s too bad because I actually agree with some of what you wrote. Yes, the American culture is changing towards social democracy. More and more people are coming to realize that they have to power to change things for the better. And there is no nefarious conspiracy, brainwashing or fluoride in the water effects. People want equality and safety. You see this as a bad thing. Time will tell. And you always have the conspiracy thing to fall back on.”

Sometimes in life there are certain things that just need to be addressed. Without a doubt, one of these issues is the insistence that the policies and “social change” liberals are advocating for will make the world a better place. The above quote is a comment from a critic who feels the need to call me a conspiracy theorist in response to an article where I clearly stated I have no problem being labeled as such because I am willing to stand by my position. To this person, I will respond by saying the following:

“I’m sorry for defending your liberties too; I will no longer attempt to do so because I realize now that you and your kind remain completely clueless to the larger implications of your ignorance. There is a plethora of examples from which I can draw to illustrate my point, but let me start by being a big, insensitive, unsympathetic jerk and point to the obvious. You all claim that you care about fairness and equality, and in particular, the commentator above has referred to the power people possess to make things better. To that I agree; you have the absolute right under the United States Constitution to petition your government for a redress of grievances, the right to freely speak in order to address these grievances, and the right to assemble in order to make your point. This is the First Amendment of the Constitution which protects this power given to you by God. Of course, many conservative constitutionalists will argue that these rights are preexisting, and government cannot take them, and the Constitution merely limits government’s power to do so. With this being said, I can’t help but wonder where the fabricated liberal rage was when their president signed away control of the internet to the so called “international community.” Just because you people have been beaten down with the false logic of moral relativism, doesn’t mean other countries will respect your rights to free speech. If you are still unsure about the importance of free speech in society, please reread this paragraph.

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Next I would like to discuss the blessing it is to be able to live in a nation that, for the most part, recognizes your right to defend yourself with deadly force. You also have the right not to do so if you wish. However, I will say that the right to self-defense illustrates how we value your life as well as our own. You argue that people don’t need guns and that government can keep you safe, while ignoring the simple truth that the cities with most gun control laws have the highest rates of murder and violent crime.

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Also, the fallacy of your logic is exposed by pointing to the response times of law enforcement when it comes to life threatening situations. Do you really mean to tell me, and I am asking you to think here, that you would rather trust someone in law enforcement, who is under no legal obligation to put his life in danger to save yours or to protect you, as opposed to you exercising the right to defend yourself? It makes absolutely no sense. Also, your arguments about compassion and fairness are exposed as bogus when gun control does nothing to disarm criminals, and only makes one who was a law abiding citizen one day into a felon the next.

Speaking on the issue of safety, the only way, and even this wouldn’t keep you safe, you could create the type of safe environment you want is to empower the police state to the point where they have all the rights and power and you have none. That’s the type of world you are creating by supporting the policies you do, and you are so ignorant of history that it makes me sick. More people, and I’m talking to the tune of hundreds of millions, have been killed by governments that are out to create Utopia, during peace time, than in all the world’s wars! Yet, here you people are demanding the government disarm you. How stupid can you be?

You say you want fairness and equality. How fair is it to be continually called a racist and dehumanized for exercising your First Amendment rights? Sorry, but as I said, I have only sought to educate people through my writing, but if you want to call me names for writing this, I will thank you for proving my point. To conclude on this subject, I will just say you have become the generation that sacrificed liberty for security and you will soon find that you will be left with neither.

Economic equality is the next issue. I think this is the one definitive issue of our time that truly proves just how ignorant and dumbed down you are for not knowing what capitalism is. I have demonstrated over and over again how communists seek to discredit capitalism by making America appear as a greedy, selfish nation. Never mind that historically communists starve their people to death by denying them the means to, wait for it now….produce for themselves! Wow, what a concept. You are so ignorant that you can’t even see that your ignorance of how a free economy works is contributing to the growth of the income inequality you claim to care about so much. Let me ask you a question, and I’m begging you to at least consider it for a brief moment without calling me a racist. I realize I’m using big mean words too, but I am frustrated and I admit it, so according to your logic it’s all good, right? How, in the name of God, can the government guarantee economic equality by taking from those that produce, and give it to those that don’t, in an economy that already has more people collecting tax payer benefits than people producing the means to be taxed? In other words, there is more people collecting welfare than there are working folks, and you think this is going to lead to a utopia? I mean it’s ok really; you are just lending credibility to all the articles I have written concerning socialist indoctrination, that’s all. I thank you for that. I don’t understand how you are so willing to trash this system and accept in its place something that has never, in history, done anything but lead to suffering. Socialism doesn’t work. It never has, and, unfortunately, it seems you need that proven to you.

To conclude, I would just like to say I’m sorry to all those who have found my opinions and attempts to educate so offensive. Truly, I’m just exercising what’s left of my First Amendment rights that you are so callously allowing the current occupant of the White House to give away. I’m not just doing it for my benefit, but yours as well, because there is one final concept that I don’t think you understand. Once liberty is lost, it is rarely recovered. President’s change, the White House will not always host a liberal democrat. People and their lust for power do not change, and that means whatever dictatorial powers the office of the executive acquires now, will be there with the next president as well. You see, I believe the constitution protects all of our rights, even liberals’, and I’m sorry for believing that it represents something that we should all be able to agree on, and that is human freedom. People cannot be free, however, if they are not free to make choices, defend their own lives, earn their own way, protect what they have worked for, and live free from undue harassment. This is what the Constitution, that you have come to forsake and trash, protected for everyone. It’s not my fault that some are too ignorant to realize it.”

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