Republicans “Run a Boston”

In ‘Bid-Whisk,’ a popular card game often played in the African American community, a “Boston” is achieved by running and gaining all the cards.  Such was substantially done by the Republican Party demonstrating its relevance and appeal to middle America without the scare tactics of its opponents.

Recognizing “it is still the economy stupid,” as Bill Clinton once said, Republicans were clear in stating you don’t make gains simply by taking from some to give to others.  There has to be a change in the way business is done in order to insure the security for our nation which will grow the economy. 

The sad undercurrent of the 2014 elections reveal the lack of support from many of our disenfranchised and devastated communities particularly those representing people of color.  I was embarrassed by the democratic party appeals accusing North Carolina’s Senator Elect Thom Tillis of things designed to paint a racist image of our legislative efforts.  Though we have stood our ground, Republicans did not put a gun in the hand of Travon Martin’s killer or cause the stir in Ferguson, MO, as was alluded. Nowhere has the party suppressed people’s right to vote which is a constitutional guarantee not to be taken away.

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Fascinating is the election of two black Republicans to the 2014 Congress including Mia Love from Utah’s 4th District making her the first black women Republican and Tim Scott of South Carolina being the first such elected black Senator since Edward Brooke of Massachusetts.  Noted has been the inability of black Republicans to get elected in largely black communities on our message of Free Markets, Immigration Reform that starts with control of our borders, jobs based with small businesses, Constitutional adherence and Individual Responsibility.  It is telling that in black congressional districts the crime, violence, economic depravity, and despair would suggest it is past time to give Republicans a chance.  Black Republicans long ago left the plantation never to return or be told how and what to think.  As long as blacks keep putting the majority of their eggs in the democrat’s basket, they will continue to get what they have usually gotten as pawns of big government–diminishing entitlements which we can’t afford and miseducation as Carter G. Woodson described.  When that party is out of power who will stand with us?

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It is time we discovered the Boston as in the American Revolution focusing on Freedom, Liberty and the US Constitution’s mandates. The GOP has an opportunity to prove itself worthy of leadership into the future by considering strategic issues, developing effective efforts towards solutions, and walking our walk as follows:

– ACA repeal efforts must first include elimination of all exemptions to it by Congress, the Presidency, unions, etc. and making everyone come under it as well as other laws that they pass.  When this is done votes will come to repeal it.                                   

Foreign Policy hearings are a must on Benghazi, ISIS, beheadings which place our security in harm’s way.  A long term memory of Vietnam should make us weary on putting troops in the Middle East without a definition of mission and some end in sight.  

– Energy, requires that we tread lightly on the Keystone Pipeline wherein lies the major aquifers underfoot for the west coast realizing a leak could severely hamper water for CA, Nevada, and other western states.  Reroute it so that the Indian Burial Grounds are also not affected.

 – Immigration:  Seal the borders now in view of Ebola, terrorism and the unaccompanied children crossing (Repeal this legislation).

  -VA needs to examine the silent fiasco which is Service Connected Disabilities, a scandal waiting to explode.    

 – Education must repeal the Obama administration revisions to the PLUS Loan program which eliminated 35,000 eligible students from this assistance to college.  Redo the Pell Grant Program with more student responsibility for the timely passing of courses.   

  – Stop federal funding to private agencies which would include Planned Parenthood.  They have a right to exist, but why is the government paying for it?

  – Require a 3-year ending on federal programs without review.

  – Rein in EPA and other regulatory bodies’ authority to act without Congressional oversight.  Stop the rulemaking by nonelected officials.

  – Officially write in the constitution that English should be the official national language for legal and business transactions.

These ten prescriptions should help a nation which has drifted far afield of its constitution.  Such would also draw women, blacks, Hispanics and others positively to our party while stimulating the economy.

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