Did Republicans Finally do Something Right?

Once again John “White Flag” Boehner has led the way to a quick surrender in the “Budget Deal” that was just passed. And are we all thrilled with this “deal” which did nothing more than to “kick the can down the road” once again? Probably not; I know I am not thrilled with the content or the structure of the bill. Once again the Republicans trade short term minimal and debatable gains for the promise of future cuts; promises that Democrats are very fond of disregarding in the most cavalier of fashion.

But is it possible that the Republicans actually got something right for once?

I am heavily conflicted by this turn of events because as much as I would love to see the government grind to a halt once and for all, to even raise that specter right now would be more in line with their normal mode of operation: spitting in the eye of opportunity at every turning of events.

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Many can see Obama-Care as the gold encrusted manna from heaven that it is; a true gift from God. And it is a gift that we cannot afford to squander yet once again.

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IF, and that is one mo-hunger of an “IF”, the Republican party can hold off on their manic self-destructive need to butcher each other in public, and IF, another mo-hunger of an “IF,” the Republican Party can begin beating the drums continuously and loudly and hammer into the seldom receptive minds of the entitled the truth about Obama-Care, there is an ever so slim chance that they might – just might – be able to capture a few seats in both houses of Congress and then teach the Progressive Democrats what the term “paybacks” means.

Today I heard a term that I just love: “The Godmother of Obama-Care.” It was used in reference to Hillary “What Difference Does It Make?” Clinton’s not yet officially announced, but obvious intent to run for president in 2016.

The Republicans have so much ammunition for the upcoming elections that they could not run a chain gun out of ammo in a year. If they were to allow the public discussion to be diverted to another budget crisis and another potential government shutdown, they would in effect be putting that chain gun in their pants pocket and attempt to shoot their toes off…or other nearby appendages; which seems to be their favorite sport.

Recent announcements by the RNC give one a glimmer of hope that they truly do plan to at least attempt to win a general election in 2016. By reducing the length of the primary season by half, from six months to three, they can minimize the endless brutal blood-letting that we experienced in 2012; a circus that only benefitted the Democrats.

The only question left on the table is just how viciously the RNC will attack Tea Party¬†backed candidates as they have done since the birth of the Tea Party. One does wonder whether it was David Axelrod or Karl Rove who politically assassinated Herman Cain’s campaign; perhaps it was a joint effort. I have long maintained that there are but two political parties in this country: The Elitists in Washington and We The People. Nothing has changed that perspective in the least.

I am not suggesting that We The People all of a sudden start making kissy-face with the GOP; quite the contrary. In general, the RNC is indistinguishable from the DCCC. There are a very few bright lights like Ted Cruz (R-TX) and Mike Lee (R-UT) in Washington and a flickering bulb or two like Marco Rubio (R-Florida).

The difference between the Democrats and the GOP is that the Democrats will attack us nose-to-nose and toes-to-toes while the GOP will slide up alongside and put their arm around your shoulders in order to slice your throat more efficiently as they did in the last mid-term elections. We can expect the RNC/GOP infrastructure to do nothing else where Tea Party backed candidates are concerned.

That puts the total responsibility for the results of the upcoming mid-term and subsequent general election squarely on the shoulders of the American Tea Party.

We The People do not have the luxury of time needed to formally organize and create an “official” third party, but that does not preclude us from uniting and acting like a third party; something I have been advocating since 2010.

The formula for accomplishing our goals is no secret and is eloquently enumerated by Chuck Muth of Citizen Outreach in his “7 Steps to Electing More Conservatives.” I would like to add my own caution; i.e. FULLY VET THE CANDIDATES BEFORE you decide to back them.

The ball is in our court boys and girls. Either we begin playing offense or just shut up and vote for the Progressive / Moderate / Socialist of our choice on either side of the aisle.

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