Representatives Call Out State Run Media Over Planned Parenthood Scandal & Kermit Gosnell Trial.

Representative Marsha Blackburn (R-TN), Vice Chair of the House Energy and Commerce Committee and a Founding Member of the Republican Women’s Policy Committee, and Representatives Steve Scalise (R-LA), member of the Energy and Commerce Committee and serves as the Chairman of the House Republican Study Committee, took a stand in calling out the irresponsibility of the media in reporting the truth on the Kermit Gosnell infanticide trial. While there has been lots of coverage of the trial in the blogosphere, the 24 news networks have blacked out coverage of just where abortion eventually leads to and in a most horrible manner.

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Both representatives were joined by 70 other members of the House of Representatives to expose the media’s complicity in covering up the Planned Parenthood scandal and the Gosnell murders.

According to a press release from Rep. Scalise’s office, letters had been sent to ABC, NBC and CBS.

Their letters specifically reference two instances where the media has covered up the story of Planned Parenthood lobbying in support of infanticide in the Florida State Legislature and in the ongoing murder trial of abortionist Kermit Gosnell in Philadelphia. By many accounts, the Gosnell murder trial has become one of the most notorious cases of patient abuse of mothers and children in our nation’s history.

“The broadcasters’ blackout of the Planned Parenthood infanticide lobbying scandal and the Gosnell ‘House of Horrors’ murder trial are the biggest and most politically-motivated media cover-ups in our nation’s history,” said Blackburn. “Censorship and media bias allows the corrupt abortion industry to profit at the expense of innocent women and children. The mainstream media has a responsibility to report the truth, not turn a blind eye to the biggest civil rights issue of our time.”

“If someone went into a hospital and shot seven babies and a mother with an AK-47, the media coverage surrounding the trial would rival a natural disaster,” Scalise said.  “Yet seven babies and a mother are dead at the hands of an abortion doctor using a scalpel, and the mainstream media’s silence on this story is deafening.  By failing to cover this story and turning their backs on the culture of abortion in this country, the media has failed in their duty to provide unbiased coverage of this horrific tragedy.”

Blackburn had written back on April 3, 2013 to Planned Parenthood’s Cecile Richards about lobbyist Alisa LaPolt’s defense of infanticide before Florida legislators. She wrote to express her “shock” and “concern” about Planned Parenthood. She also requested answers to four questions from Planned Parenthood:

1. At what point do you believe Constitutional rights extend to American citizens if not at birth? If your organization does not believe birth is the deadline for protection against abortion, at what point, in your opinion, is a child’s life deserving of legal protection?

2. Will Planned Parenthood repudiate its lobbyist and any other employee who advocates for post-birth abortion? If not, please explain why.

3. Was your lobbyist trained and/or ordered to advocate for or against late-term abortions and post-birth abortions? If so, please detail how and by whom. If not, please explain why.

4. How will Planned Parenthood ensure that babies that survive abortion and are born alive will be transferred to a health care facility to receive the proper medical treatment they deserve?

gosnell16She then concluded, “Any organization receiving taxpayer funding should not lobby in support of expanding abortions, especially controversial propositions like infanticide which dramatically calls into question the way Constitutional rights are bestowed upon every person born in this country.”

The Congresswoman’s office confirmed that Planned Parenthood has yet to respond to the questions posed.

Both Ms. Snow’s video and the Kermit Gosnell trial should be a death blow to Planned Parenthood Federal funding. In fact, apart from that, the Federal government has no constitutional authority to fund an organization that is engaged in and promotes the death of the most innocent among us.

I applaud the representatives for taking this stand and calling out the state run media on what is clearly a biased blackout of the trial of Kermit Gosnell.

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