Rep. Gwen Moore Peddles Obamacare to Young People: You “Really Need to Be Educated”

Many Americans enjoyed a week or a few days spending time with their family during Thanksgiving, expressing their gratefulness for the bounty which God has graced them. Many Americans were also grieving for loss of work, loss of opportunity and loss of freedom and security. Many have struggled just to stay above the line of poverty. Add to this mixture the loss of their healthcare insurance which has produced an added burden of expense either through increased costs through the new exchanges or the full payment for healthcare services. Some Americans even had a less bountiful Thanksgiving this year as compared to years prior.

While Americans were struggling with issues affecting their ability to provide for their families, Obama made sure Americans felt the sting by attempting to get Americans to talk about Obamacare during their Thanksgiving family time through a promotional mailout. But, Obama was not the only one peddling his signature healthcare plan like a used car salesman. Wisconsin Democrat Rep. Gwen Moore took to MSNBC’s “Andrea Mitchell Reports” on Friday to discuss the deadline for the Obamacare website but basically hijacked the program from host T.J. Holmes to promote the law and diagnose two individuals whom she claimed to meet during Thanksgiving.

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According to Moore, she “ran into at least two people who are under 34 years old, working full time, have no health insurance – one of them exhibiting signs of anemia, another exhibiting signs of high blood pressure – who not only have tried to get on the website but really need to be educated about the benefits of the Affordable Care Act.”

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Untitled1-e1385755803572One cannot help but notice the lack of the use of the term “Obamacare” by this Wisconsin Democrat.

No mention of the struggle of Americans to remain economically sound or the threat to their ability to continue to provide for their families nor the mention of the growing numbers of Americans who have less to be thankful for this year than in years past. No, Moore was more concerned with getting information out about this failure of an unconstitutional law rather than discussing the issues with the failed website or the issues this law has caused for a great many American citizens. To add insult to injury, this politician, with no medical training whatsoever, took it upon herself to “diagnose” medical conditions in these supposed individuals she met during Thanksgiving.

Anyone with any medical training or ability to search “high blood pressure” knows that most people with high blood pressure are usually asymptomatic – exhibiting no symptoms of a medical problem. Hence, the dubbing of high blood pressure or hypertension by the medical community as “the silent killer.” And, everyone knows the symptoms of high blood pressure as a dull headache, dizziness and nose bleeds can be indicative of other problems as well as the life-threatening stage of high blood pressure. Now, the individual she met may well have high blood pressure and could have told her this; but, that is not what she indicated. Moore stated the individual “exhibited signs of high blood pressure” not that she was told by this individual they had hypertension.

Moore indicated another individual exhibited signs of anemia. Again, she did not indicate this individual told her they had anemia. There are many types of anemia and Moore did not indicate which type of anemia, just that signs of anemia were being exhibited. Medical professionals know that the signs of anemia are vague and can be indicative of other conditions. Most individuals don’t immediately equate fatigue, pale skin, shortness of breath, dizziness, cold hands and feet, cognitive problems and headache with anemia. Neither do most doctors. Tests, along with a physical examination by a physician determine the diagnosis. Besides, low hemoglobin, which most people equate as anemia, can be transient and easily remedied with multi-vitamins and iron rich foods.

This blatant display by Moore was nothing but an attempt to peddle the dysfunctional, overpriced, healthcare rationing failure of a healthcare insurance law. She used these examples of two individuals who may be exhibiting vague symptoms that could be indicative of many other illnesses to induce guilt among Americans in order to sign onto this government healthcare insurance to pay for this overpriced, under quality product. Moore continued to peddle the Democratic, Obama lie that many individuals will obtain insurance for less than what they have been paying and receive preventative services with “no co-pays or additional costs.”

Where was this elected official’s concern for the millions of America’s homeless during this week and day of Thanks? Where was this elected official’s concern for America’s new poor, those who are now living below the poverty line? Where was Moore’s concern for the continued devastation to the economy caused by this travesty of a law that is slated to wreak more havoc in the coming years? Where was her concern for Americans who were experiencing a less bountiful year than before? And, where was her concern for the millions of America’s hungry and nutritionally deficient citizens?

It was nowhere to be seen because that is not the concern of this administration or this Congress. They are more interesting in selling the American public a bill of goods wrought with Death Panels, healthcare rationing, and increased cost to the middle class taxpayer. This is what is leading and governing America: a group of elitist rulers who have totally lost touch with the people and see only the “agenda” they have outlined for America’s citizens. As Christmas approaches, many Americans are concerned with meeting financial obligations along with the very real prospect of being unable to afford basic necessities, much less any extras for their children or loved ones.

With Americans having less to feel thankful for this season, Rep. Gwen Moore dismissed this very real fact to peddle Obama’s snake oil to the public. Instead of facing real issues and discussing them, Moore continued spouting the same old rhetoric of Washington.

Unfortunately, this is what can be expected of Washington in the coming months, until it gets closer to election time; after all, the low information voter short term memory can be likened to Scarlett O’Hara’s “I’ll think about that tomorrow” mentality. The sad part is tomorrow never comes.

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