Removing Presidential Term Limits is Like Granting Caesar Full Autonomy as Supreme Ruler of the Roman Empire

The rumor mill is heating up with rumors that say in 2016, Obama will be president…again. That’s right. Numerous sources are indicating that Obama will have a 3rd term in office.

One idiot professor who wrote an op-ed recently for The Washington Post says as much. Jonathan Zimmerman, professor of history and education at New York University, writes that it’s a good idea for a variety of reasons that Obama should remain president for yet another term, or at least have the opportunity to have a 3rd term.

Eliminating term limits means creating an emperor for life.
Eliminating term limits means creating an emperor for life.
If Obama could be elected again, then he would not have to fear the voters, says Zimmerman. “If he chooses, he could simply ignore their will.” This statement proves to me that people like Zimmerman are not qualified to be professors of anything. Apparently, Zimmerman has not noticed the fact that Obama has pretty much ignored not only the will of the people, but the law of the land, and the will of the courts. Nothing new there, really though Zimmerman hasn’t noticed it.

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After winning a second term, Jarrett was said to have stated that “After We Win This Election, It’s Our Turn. Payback Time.” While there is no direct proof that she indeed said that, people who apparently know and work with her said she stated it. Frankly, it’s not at all difficult to believe she did make that statement.

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Adding a third term would be like repeating the second one with the Obama administration having to be very careful about what they say and do, but the fact that they have absolutely no worries about an upcoming election means they can toss caution to the wind and do exactly what they want to do to change and eventually bring down America. It’s what they began during the first term and since being re-elected are simply doing it with abandon.

Zimmerman makes several statements to support his idea that term limits should be abandoned.

“When Ronald Reagan was serving his second term, some Republicans briefly floated the idea of removing term limits so he could run again. The effort went nowhere, but it was right on principle.”

I’ve bolded the last phrase so you don’t miss it. Zimmerman is saying that those Republicans were right about removing term limits for Reagan. No, they were wrong. If we removed term limits then, imagine what we would have now. I can’t even think of it, frankly. With all the voter fraud that groups like “True the Vote” have reported, we would essentially have in Obama a true “emperor” who would do what he wanted to do regardless of the will of the people. It would be very much like the Roman leaders giving full autonomy to Caesar, which was probably the dumbest move they could have made and it came back to haunt them. Though Zimmerman is a professor of history, maybe he never studied the history of Rome.

By the way, if you’re one who believes that voter fraud played no part in re-electing Obama, feel free to stuff your head back in the sand, all right?

Funny how a leftie like Zimmerman tries to bolster his argument by referencing Republicans. He follows the above statements with this one:

“Barack Obama should be allowed to stand for re-election just as citizens should be allowed to vote for — or against — him. Anything less diminishes our leaders and ourselves.”

Again, I’ve bolded the last phrase so you won’t miss it. It sounds romantic, but it’s an asinine statement to make. It says nothing really. It could be just as easily stated that term limits is the very thing that makes true leaders, not diminishes them and causes people to choose more wisely. However, I won’t bore Professor Zimmerman with the whys and wherefores of that statement because he likely is unable to “get it” anytime soon.

A friend who lives abroad recently told me that China’s State News reported that Obama will be president in 2016. For that to happen, term limits would have to be repealed.

Here’s what I think is happening. The rumor mill is creating a situation in which people would be so fearful of having Barack Hussein Obama (don’t you love that Muslim name?) president for a third term that they might even be willing to vote for Hillary Clinton!

People react oddly and out of character when they react from fear. Obama is a terrible president. By comparison, wouldn’t Clinton be better? Some would argue that she would.

The idea that term limits could be repealed is a fairy tale. It won’t happen. The only way Obama would be able to continue being president is in declaring Martial Law, which effectively (and legally) sets aside the Constitution. Up until now, Obama has simply ignored various aspects of the Constitution, illegally. Under Martial Law, he would be able to legally ignore it and simply make the rules for himself as he goes. Any opposition would be dealt with quickly.

When November 2016 arrives, we will have another presidential election (if we are not under Martial Law by that time). Obama’s name will not be on the ticket.

What people fail to understand though is that the Global Elite controls who becomes president. Only in rare instances (like Reagan), does someone not endorsed by the Global Elite become president. However, even with Reagan, Bush Sr. became VP (against Reagan’s wishes). The attempt on Reagan’s life was also an attempt to get rid of Reagan and push Bush Sr. into the Oval Office ahead of schedule. It failed because Reagan didn’t die.

Giving someone the right to be president (as often as he/she is elected) diminishes the integrity of the nation and the people. It turns the office of president into a dictatorship.

I believe this is all sleight of hand anyway in a big card trick. Take your eyes off the cards. Look around. Find the truth. It’s not in the idea of a 3rd term for Obama.

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