Remembering The Bundy Ranch Standoff 5 Years Later: We Didn't Back Down

Death is what I saw in the eyes of the Bureau of Land Management as I stood at the Bundy's gate (I'm at 1:32 in the video below). I could see the Feds wearing us out.  So, as a former federal officer and US Marine Corps officer with tons of combat experience, much of it on the front lines in Viet Nam, I helped as I could, primarily by standing at this gate and refusing to back down.

I knew the game of the feds.

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It was to wear us down with meaningless, vague promises.

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I refused and began calling out the feds, telling the One Star Deputy Sheriff Lombardo, who is now the 4-star sheriff, he was going to be the first killed if he did not take control and get the Bureau of Land Management out of there.

Behind me was a semi-circle of about 300 US military veterans.

They were peaceful, armed, and refusing to back down.

At this moment on the gate, I could see the snipers and the BLM with their rifles pointed at my friend and myself.

We were not dainty.

We would not back down and we called the Feds' bluff.

I did expect at any moment to be shot to death.

Nevertheless, we did not back down.

We were upheld by the courts and the Feds were proven to be the perpetrators, aided by the sheriff, and as evil as Hell in what they did.

We must think of the American Revolution, the Cromwellian Civil War, David v. Goliath and the Battle of Athens, Tennessee in 1946 as we look to save America.

We had assembled in accordance with the US Constitution.

We had the pen, live feeds and the sword, working together out in the open and not backing down, but acting lawfully as our forefathers at the Battle of Lexington and Concord and the Battle of Bunker Hill.

And we won the day!

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