Remembering the DC Protests this Weekend – Looking Towards Future Ones

Since Friday, I have neglected every news source, devoting my entire time to following the Truckers Ride for the Constitution that concluded yesterday.

While my family did not get to attend as planned, we have not purchased any goods or make any money transactions whatsoever during the event in support of the front line road warriors whose brave souls along with other supporters circled the beltway and shut down Washington DC for a short time to stand for all Americans who want government to abide by the Constitution.

Truckers-Ride-For-TheConstitutionThis was a definite high point in American history; however, no major news organization chose to cover the event wholeheartedly. Crews showed up for one day, saw a few of the front runner rigs, reported it being a bust due to rain and immediately departed but never returned at any other time to garner reports or obtain footage. The event was reported mainly by alternative news media such as Guerilla Media Network and 21st Century Wire along with posts by individuals on the Facebook pages Truckers Ride for the Constitution and Citizens in Support of the Truckers Ride for the Constitution. Many of us here at Freedom Outpost were glued to the live broadcast, traffic cams, searching major news networks for coverage and searching internet news sources to find any tidbit of information to relay to the public.

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Minutes after the crowds dispersed from the White House and memorials, barricades went back up at the Lincoln memorial. Unbelievable!

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From the beginning, there were rogue individuals and organizations attempting to derail the event in an effort to somehow discredit it or totally shed a negative connotation to its meaning. Regardless of their efforts, this event continued, the rumor mill squashed and momentum gathered.

However, the question that will never be answered is “Why would individuals or organizations go to such great lengths to try to discredit this and shed a negative light on its meaning?” Yes, there are the postulations about the one world order, the global government and transformation from freedom to communism/socialism/Marxism or whatever “-ism” into which this country would develop. I believe that some people in this country have been so dumbed down to think that our Constitutional Republic is oppressive that they would do almost anything to subvert it with those in positions of power succeeding. There are also individuals out there who are looking for their so-called 15 minutes of fame that any action would be committed to destroy a God-given right of freedom of speech and peaceful assembly.

Some people have become so mindless they are content to “follow orders” instead of thinking for themselves.

Park Rangers outside PIsgah Inn
Park Rangers outside PIsgah Inn
Those Park Rangers who followed orders to expel citizens from their homes and close private businesses would be among those mindless and the first that would shoot citizens if ordered. Whatever one thinks about this, one has to agree this is sad: very sad. Of course if you asked them they would deny it; but, following an order is following an order. Are they then going to say they feel safe violating someone’s rights to their home or business but draw the line at actually firing on someone if ordered to do so. All I have to say is that if you can see where shooting someone based on an order is wrong, how can you justify throwing someone out of their home or closing their business based on an order as right? This indicates the brain is working, but something is wrong with the synapses carrying information through it.

Law abiding citizens are seeing the criminal activity conducted by Obama, members of Congress and the unconstitutional, even some constitutional, and alphabet agencies. The average American would be thrown under the jail and left to rot if committing some of those crimes or tried for treason. Unfortunately, this has become business as usual for the government. People have become conditioned, like Pavlov’s dogs, to tolerate it, accept it even, and become apathetic to it.

Let’s face facts here; Eric Holder has been in contempt of Congress with impunity and even politely thanked by Darrell Issa (R-CA) upon a subsequent appearance before his committee. Congress had tolerated agency heads being in contempt. If the average American goes to court and refuses a judge’s order, they are declared being in contempt of court with fines and possible jail time assessed. What do you think would happen to the average American going before Congress and pulling an “Eric Holder?” Those who see through this hypocrisy are termed as “radicals” or “against government” or even designated as terrorists. Does anyone else see anything wrong with this picture?

The mainstream news media has remained silent on all of this.

The mainstream media has been bought off; they are the propaganda arm of the government. If you wondered what it was like in the old Soviet Union getting news, well, go take a look at your local or national news coverage on TV. Those broadcasts are what the government along with media moguls want you to see. Forget ethics, integrity or responsible journalism; it is extinct. You, the American public, have been duped and lulled into believing there is news being reported. Personally, I don’t find a report about Megan Kelly not looking like she does on TV as news. These media organizations intentionally broke up the momentum of the protest at the White House, dispersing the crowd, by yelling, for them to go to the different memorials throughout Washington. Does anyone else find this disappointing?

Print media has been just as bad. Liberal slants toward the government are slipped into any type of news story. If you are a patriot, these liberal rags attempt to make you feel as though you are wrong: that the Constitution is dead so you should be quiet. Well, forget that. No matter how many times liberals, politicians and presidents attempt to trash or abolish our Constitution, our founding document has survived and will continue to survive as long as we carry it, uphold it, support it and defend it.

vet-rally-13-590x442The perfect example of this liberal slant has been the internet news reports citing one individual carrying the Confederate flag as representative of the group and Republicans as “racists.” Liberals love to find one thing to smear any patriotic event. They also love to support the overtly display of contempt for the American people by Obama. To be perfectly honest, I have been sick, tired and angry with liberals for distorting the image of patriotic Americans and the Confederate Battle Flag to make both a symbol of racism and slavery. Liberals should learn to read about the history of that flag to learn its meaning. Yes, many hate groups have used that flag as a symbol, without permission I might add, that further adds fuel to the already burning out of control fire.

Under the Stars and Stripes, the federal government waged war against states who upheld their sovereignty as indicated in the Constitution that established the Republic through a union of sovereign states guaranteed a Republican form of government. The government under the Stars and Stripes was taking away state sovereignty in order to gain control over the states making them subservient to the creature of the people. It’s funny how liberals don’t want to talk about that but turn the War of Northern Aggression into a “slave” issue with the Northern states standing to squash the ever rebellious Southern states seeking to maintain slavery.

The ultimate epitome of “slavery” has been passed in the form of Obamacare, which seeks to strip Americans of their rights regarding medical care, making the American citizen abide by the federal government’s decision on who, what, when, where, how and how much on medical care. Liberals don’t seem to see this as slavery. Isn’t this the same scenario of slavery the liberals portrayed the South as being guilty – complete control over another individual? But, this healthcare abomination has application to all Americans. There has not been a race, religion, sex, or creed differentiation. One could possible term this as “equal slavery under the law.” However, the powers in Washington are exempted from abiding by the same law as everyone else. Liberals have shoved racism and slavery back onto the South for decades; but, at this point in time, they have refused to see that Obamacare creates a nation of “slaves” to the ruling “elite.” So, let’s start calling this what it is – medical slavery.

These so-called news media organizations have called for impeachments for past presidents. Why not this one who has certainly committed more crimes and treason than any other president in history? These media organizations have certainly proven they have become a propaganda machine. Obama is an abomination, a boil on the butt of humanity, a human hemorrhoid that needs to be extracted from our nation.

America needs to keep sending millions to Washington. I agree with the previous article on Freedom Outpost by Tom Wise. We need to send a million women, a million mothers, a million grandmothers, a million fathers, a million faithful to God, a million veterans, a million cars, a million citizens, and a million truckers again and again to Washington until our voice is heard by the non-representing representatives. This has to be the beginning of the awakening.

Regardless of the lack of media coverage and attempts to thwart this event, this weekend proved one thing; there are many patriots out there who refuse to give up, continue to support the Constitution, and continue to demand that government walk the line. Patriots are scattered across the county but no one is alone. Patriots can stand together but it takes each and every one of us. America should hold Washington’s feet to the fire.

Let us not forget the anti-spying protest to be held on October 26, 2013, in Washington nor the march on November 19, 2013, with Larry Klayman. The train has started to roll. We the people need to be on it.

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