Reduced Retirement Benefits and Increased Debt - to Stop Climate Change

How's the weather in your neck of the woods? Here in New England, we're freezing our tushies off. It could be worse. We could be living in the Lakes region or Buffalo New York buried under several feet of snow, with more on the way. And winter is still over a month away.

I was speaking with a buddy of mine from Houston Texas a day or so ago. He told me it was in the 30s. The 30s – in Houston – where they fry bacon on the sidewalks in May.

In fact the whole country is frozen over, save for maybe the southern tip of Florida.

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However, none of this seems to have any effect on the liberal wackos in Berkeley, California.

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Kristin Bender of the AP writes: "Some of the country's first gas pump warning labels about climate change are coming to Berkeley, a city with a long history of green and clean policies. The Berkeley City Council voted late Tuesday to draft a proposal by next spring that will put stickers on gas pumps citywide to warn customers that burning fuel contributes to global warming."

Not to be outdone, "San Francisco is drafting a similar ordinance that the city's board of supervisors could vote into law by March."

Not that liberals would care or even ask, so I will. How much might this cost the hippie taxpayers of Berkeley? It seems Ms. Bender discovered that the cost will be about $20,000 for the first year.

She writes that "Supporters of Berkeley's measure hope that simply putting the labels in front of consumers will motivate them to drive less."

Wow, 20 grand worth of hope. That's great for them, and I'm sure it will be a smashing success. But it's their money and they can waste it any way they see fit.

Of course, no one will follow up with a study to determine if the labels had any affect. That would be silly. Remember, with liberal policy, the outcome or effectiveness is of no concern and one can never judge them on that. It's the good intention, and only the good intention that counts.

But, you may say, if the city has the extra money then why not? I'll grant you that, if they weren't millions of dollars in the hole already. In fact, reported that the 2012 Berkeley city budget deficit was a whopping $12 million.

The city was planning to cut 79 jobs. Council members were receiving complaints that "city parks and streets were in disrepair and city workers were being asked to tighten their belts."

Even public-sector unions were asked to take a reduction in retirement benefits. The SEIU actually agreed to the reduction. The SEIU!

Although it was too late that year, the city Council even considered canceling the Fourth of July fireworks due to the expense. Patch reported that "Councilwoman Susan Wengraf said 'These are not normal times. We've had hundreds of employees step up to the plate,'" to voluntarily suspend their automatic cost-of-living increases.

This was just two years ago. Think things have gotten any better? Not hardly. I wonder what those union members think of wasting $20,000 on some global warming stickers when they gave up some retirement, some were let go and others volunteered to cut back.

I'd imagine they aren't too happy; but really, they should be thrilled at the prospect of Berkeley doing its part to save the world from global warming.

Let's just try to keep the stupidity on the left coast, shall we.

Now, I'm going to go put on a sweater. I'm freezing!

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