Recognizing the Statist Utopian Nightmare

The liberal mind may be the most illogical and oxymoronic thing on the planet. They are constantly trying to “improve” the human condition by affecting human nature via legislation and regulation.

The problem is that human nature is what it is. Humans aren’t perfect. That’s what God intended and no governmental organization has been or will be able to regulate or legislate that out of us.

Oh, they’ll try, and for a while it may even appear successful. However, eventually that utopian dream will be exposed as the nightmare that it is and come crashing down.

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The question is: Why does it always have to escalate to the point of “crashing”?

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That, as everything else, always comes down to human nature. Liberals feel, they don’t think. They are also quite myopic, singularly focused, that is, they don’t see the big picture. It may be that they are incapable of doing so, and because of that, they don’t see it as a shortcoming.


Take the most dangerous regulatory agency free man has ever known – the Environmental Protection Agency. To the emotion driven liberal, they see only an agency that wants to help clean up the planet. The progressive sees the EPA’s want for clean air and water as progress itself. And for the statist – they see a method of control, that people must be compelled to act a certain way in order to affect change and progress. None of the groups ever consider the big picture, the consequence of their “progress,” although I contend the statist does not care about consequence.

So, when we rail against an agency like the EPA and their recently announced next round of coal industry-crushing regulations – that their mission is to quite literally “shut down” the coal industry, it rings hollow to the liberal and progressive. They see only a “dirty” industry that is polluting our air and water. They don’t see that there is no practical replacement for coal. They don’t understand that without coal, most of our country will go dark. It’s just dirty and icky and needs to go. And that’s their view – illogical, myopic and singularly focused.

The progressive discounts science in favor of ideology. Out with “old” coal, and in with “new” windmills, solar panels and algae. Never mind that it simply won’t work; that it is a proven fact that “new” technology doesn’t even approach the capacity needed to replace coal. It’s not even close. It can’t be done, but no matter.

So, in step the Statists, those who started out as bleeding hearts, graduated to progressives and have finally achieved the power to affect change, or more aptly, to mandate it. These are the dangerous ones. These are the ones who have gone over to the dark side and can no longer be turned to the light. It really is “their way,” and there is no “highway option.”

We, as conservatives, must recognize the Statist and realize that we cannot coexist. We cannot reason with them. We cannot share power with them. We cannot negotiate with them. Unlike your garden-variety liberal that may be turned back to the right, the Statist must simply be defeated. There is no other option.

It is interesting that conservatives understand that there was no negotiating with Hitler, the Soviets, Saddam Hussein or any other despot, but somehow we think we can reason and negotiate with Obama, or the despicable Harry Reid. And yes, I am putting them in the same category, for given enough time and opportunity those two have the potential to be as despotic as any fascist or communist leader. There, I said it and I meant it!

Our job, going forward, is to try our best to change the minds of misguided liberals we know and to work to elect real conservatives.

That way, maybe we can prevent the hardship that befalls every society ruled by Statists and possibly prevent or at least soften the inevitable “crash” that follows.

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