You Really Don’t Care About Your Rights, Do You?

Each day, I read multiple stories describing the disintegration of one right or another. Perhaps it’s the right to Free Speech which is being impeded, as when a government sets up a “protest-free” zone. Perhaps it’s the right to Bear Arms which is being infringed, as when a government sets up a “gun-free” zone. Perhaps it’s the right to refuse a Warrantless Search, as when a government sets up a “safety” roadblock to take saliva or blood samples without permission or authority.

Then I read a variety of responses, many of which make me furious. First, there is the victim, whose story of abuse makes one wonder if in fact this took place. Second, there is the perpetrating government entity, such as a sheriff, who makes excuses or even reasons for the abuse, which makes one believe it is futile, that all of government has been infiltrated and corrupted. Third, there is the media outlet which tries to take the side of the victim. This is painful. If they get it right, I end up asking myself, “Why aren’t people coming out of the woodwork to help here?” Fourth is the media outlet which disparages the victim based on their race or political affiliation. That’s the wake-up call.

As the one side is prosecuting the wrong, the other side is defending it, making a “perspective” or doubt so that the abuse can continue. If the victim is white, there is usually a reason he or she “deserves” it, and if that is not given as a reason I am generally surprised. “Why was I not brainwashed?,” I ask myself. If the victim is black, there seems to always be an out. The black man who perpetrated assault, battery and attempted murder through “Knockout” is said to have “pulled a prank that went out of control.” If the victim is Republican, Conservative, or Tea Party… well, that person is automatically guilty.

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Isn’t it strange that we are told not to judge a person by their skin color, physical looks, or other covering but those same people who make this homily immediately assume and judge that a Republican, Conservative, or Tea Party person is dumb, insane, or out to get them?

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And isn’t it strange to watch on C-Span a Democrat Congressman say that the reason a government program isn’t working, one which Democrats devised, voted for, and defend, is because Republicans are not for it? As if Republican opposition by itself magically makes the wheels stop turning.

And isn’t it strange that “racism” is invoked day after day as the reason for opposition to programs which do not work, or which are philosophically repugnant? Not so strange after all, it’s a tactic. But still, what is this “racism”? Racism is being against or for one particular race. So if one is against welfare, and one is said to be a racist for being against welfare, is not the person who calls “Racism!” saying outright that welfare is for a particular race? If welfare is for a race, that is racism also.

bill-of-rights-hero-lgIn effect, I am describing to you the push-and-pull of hegemony. Hegemony is superiority or dominance, especially of a culture. In America, the dominant hegemony has been an Anglo liberty based on Torah Law, English common law, Magna Carta, and other documents and ideas originating mostly from white Judeo-Christian civilization. The fact that America has been a “melting pot” for centuries simply means that other cultures have assimilated into that hegemony. They came to America FOR that hegemony. They craved and crave it.

But through the deliberate long-term brainwashing program first devised by Marx and then Gramsci, now utilized by everyone from Islamists to Alinskyite Democrats to the “Homosexual Mafia,” this hegemony is being destroyed. At first it was subtle, a plea for compassion, a tear for the downtrodden. Then it was the shout for equality, the march for opportunity. Now it is the finger of doom pointing guilt at American hegemony, superior but on life support. They say it is killing itself. Is it?

The cover-up of racial crime, black on white and so forth, by media and politician, has caused that crime to explode under the umbrella of protection from criticism or prosecution. The permission of illegal aliens to identify themselves in public without repercussion has caused surreal assemblies of illegals blocking deportation buses, all without arrest or denigration. Amazing. The shrugging off of monetary and economic “laws of nature” (well, human nature, anyway) has opened the floodgates for the banking cartels to print endless amounts of so-called money. Either they want the dollar to collapse or they truly believe they hold the destiny of the planet in their grip, or both. The embarrassment of a Hillary Clinton saying “What difference does it make?” in response to questions concerning the deaths of four Americans and the mysterious circumstances surrounding those deaths has caused many to simply whisk it under the carpet, too painful to approach. Of course, the harpy planned and hoped for that response. Perhaps she will even get away with it.

But how does this affect your rights, you may ask?

Well, if your hegemony, your dominance, is disappearing, then your rights go down the drain with it. Keep in mind that hegemony means “It’s either us or them.” So if the government is setting up “protest-free” zones, and there is not enough backlash to stop that from happening, you’ve lost your right to Free Speech and Free Assembly. If Hillary Clinton is permitted to say “What difference does it make?” without hearing what difference it makes to the point that she recants and is contrite, you’ve lost your right to Proper Representation, to Transparent Government, and to many portions of the Constitution. And if you permit your cheeks to be swabbed by government contractors while driving home from work, you’ve lost your right to Free Movement, to Privacy, to Warrants, and so forth.

Do you care? What are you going to do about it? What can you do?

If your government does not ferociously prosecute black on white crime, you have lost your public safety which hegemony provided. If you say that you remember the good old days, you are reminded that “slavery was in the good old days.” What if your response to that is, “If people can’t behave, they need to be caged”? If you have hegemony, there will be cheers. If not, you will be destroyed.

In a publication such as Freedom Outpost, we “preach to the choir.” That is, we have hegemony at our fingertips. Those who disagree call you racists, bigots, and other names. However, they practice their own hegemony. They have discovered “It’s us or them” is a real thing that motivates and carries the day. They believe it is “us or them.” Do you?

When the government gives goodies and handouts to “the people,” it is a way of rewarding their particular hegemony. Are you black? You may be eligible for something no one else is. Are you an illegal? “Come here and we will protect you from the racist white man.” Are you homosexual? You now have rights which no heterosexual has. Their hegemony wins, yours loses. Whose government is it anyway? Are you sure it’s yours? How do you know?

So you see, if you are not exerting your supremacy, your hegemony, You don’t
really care about your rights. You are more interested in (1) “making them see the light” (2) “reasoning with them” (3) “tolerating them” or (4) “living in peace with them.” They have no such plans to do the same with you. Why are you accommodating them?

  • The communists will not coexist with the capitalists. Hegemony.
  • The Islamists will not coexist with Christianity or Judaism, at least not in equity. Hegemony.
  • The New World Order will not coexist with individual privacy, or the Bill of Rights. Hegemony.
  • The hedonists will not coexist with those of religion, or morality which is not of their fascism. Hegemony.
  • The criminals will not coexist with those who want law and order, and peace. Hegemony.

We have up until now been a land of laws, ruled by a Constitution, overseen by those sworn to uphold it. Now we are a land of liars, who outwardly sneer at our rights, and at our hegemony.

Again I ask, what are you going to do about it?

Here are some ideas:

  1. Lawsuits. As long as there is a law, use it to make the law work, or expose it for the fraud it is.
  2. Recalls. You need to get moving, and make petitions to recall politicians not for your hegemony. Snooze, lose.
  3. Secession. Counties can split from states. Yes, it’s symbolic. Do it anyway.
  4. Counter-protest. Do not let them get away with it.
  5. Call the police. Arrest illegals where they congregate. Turn in drug pushers. Have some guts.
  6. Run for office. For Pete’s sake, if you think you’re right, get the message out. Even if you lose, spread the word.

Yes, I know. All of this is dangerous. You could get hurt. You could get arrested. You could get smeared. However, Liberty is not free. God’s Law was given to those who choose to fulfill and protect it. Constitution works only for a moral people.

Honestly, if you can’t muster the energy to do something to secure your hegemony, you don’t really care about your rights.

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