The Reality of Political Power

Political power is power over other people. It’s as simple as that, and EVERY politician, without exception, wants you to give them that power. That is what they campaign for, the bottom line, the sum and substance of all their hopes and dreams. After all, politics is big business in this country, and even small, local political office contains within it the seeds of ambition for higher office. In turn, higher office means greater power, and, of course, the potential for personal gain. We should ask why and how so many politicians retire with great wealth, even though they began in more ordinary circumstances.

In fact, the lust for power is driven by ambition for personal gain. It is NEVER driven by the desire to serve the voters. At best, politicians may give voters a little bit of what they think voters want, but they always do this in order to keep themselves in office. A prime example of this is welfare, which buys the votes of unproductive people, while making them so dependent upon government that they will continue to vote the “generous” politicians back into office. These unproductive voters do not consider that the generosity is only made possible by seizing the wealth of productive people.

At worst, and most common, politicians ignore the voters’ needs and desires completely and instead thrust upon them such unwanted burdens as Obamacare and Amnesty for illegal aliens. The left’s efforts to confiscate guns and quash private gun owners’ rights is presented as an issue of public safety, but it is actually an attempt to disarm potential adversaries to their programs, those adversaries being the general public. In fact, gun confiscation IS a public safety issue, because private ownership of guns may be the greatest deterrent to crime!

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The sooner American voters realize that politicians are untrustworthy, not just basically untrustworthy, but shamelessly untrustworthy, the sooner they will begin to choose more wisely the people in whom to invest such enormous power over us. This situation appears to leave voters in a dilemma, but, in fact, it leaves us with the most powerful tool extant in a free society – the vote. If we use this tool as a weapon to control politicians and use it wisely and scrupulously, it is powerful enough to protect us from abuse by the “cruel master” which is the government.

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Remember that The Constitution and Bill of Rights were put in place to protect us from the government and ruthless politicians. However, we must remember that if we use that weapon unwisely and carelessly, by voting in the same abusive politicians and helping them to sustain their power over us, we aim and discharge that weapon at own heads!

There is only one promise we must seek and demand from any and every candidate asking us to give him the power of office. That promise is to restore, respect and preserve our individual freedom and rights as designated by our Founding Fathers in the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights! We should NEVER AGAIN allow anyone to thrust upon us a candidate who promises to fundamentally change America!

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