Reagan’s Eleventh Commandment & Why It’s An Absolute Failure

“Thou shalt not speak ill of any fellow Republican.” Although credited to Ronald Reagan, the “commandment” was originated by Gaylord Parkinson who was Chairman of the California Republican Party during Ronald Reagan’s 1966 campaign for Governor of the state. At the time, it seemed to make sense because of a major rift between the Left Coast and Right Coast Republicans which sort of came to a head in the bitterly contested Republican Primary elections of 1964. The “commandment” was finally adopted by Republican Liberals in an attempt to heal a widening split in the party; sort of an early iteration of Sister Sledge’s song: We Are Family.

Reagan adopted the principle and followed it for the first five Republican Primaries against Gerald Ford in 1976…and he got his butt handed to him.

Reagan dropped the constraint for the next primary in North Carolina and won.

There is a lesson here that seems to have been missed by many Republicans, including yours truly.
I was a lifelong Republican until recent times; the Clark County Republican Party found out my parents were married and threw me out. (That is an old Marine Corps Joke for those who do not recognize it.) The election of 2012 finally forced a beam of light into my often thick skull, and I finally accepted the fact that had been haunting me for years: The Republican Party does not represent ME or my beliefs or my values. End of Discussion.

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I abhor conspiracy theories because they keep the mind occupied chasing the unprovable. However, I do love people watching and studying mega-trends which is what makes lovely Las Vegas such a wonderful place to live. But having watched and having been deeply involved in Republican politics for the last few years I have determined that what we have may or may not be a conspiracy as such but rather more of an exclusionary social club. The CCRP disenfranchised so many loyal constituents that they are moving their monthly gathering from the great facility in the Veil Room at the Silverton Casino to, according to some rumors, looking to rent a broom closet in the old downtown county building. But at least they will be among their own kind.

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For quite some time, I have been stating that there really are only two parties in this country: The Elitists in Washington and We The People. I have not voted FOR a Republican candidate for any office since Ronald Reagan’s last election. What I have done is consistently vote against “the other guy.”  That is just pathetic. It is pathetic that We The People truly do not have any choices and therefore, truly do not have any representation at the city, county, state, or federal levels of government.

Once upon a time when I lived in California I actually voted for a Democrat because the “Republican” candidate made former Louisiana State Representative (and former Grand Dragon of the KKK) David Duke look like a bleeding heart liberal. I stay registered as a Republican because party events are good hunting grounds for patriots desperately seeking representation.

And “they” do walk among us. Who are “they” that walk among us? Patriots with integrity and convictions strong enough to be immune to the cancer of corruption that permeates the heady atmosphere of Washington D.C. and every state capital in this nation.

Reagan’s Eleventh Commandment, which was not even “Reagan’s”, was proposed by and adopted by LIBERAL Republicans; a term that I have always thought of as an oxymoron. As a prominent member of the Republican Party, Ronald Reagan gave “The Eleventh Commandment” one Hell of a try “…for the Gipper.”  And Ronald Reagan was smart enough and honest enough to recognize a failed philosophy.

The next election cycle is in full swing. We The People need to identify and promote men and women of courage and conviction who are willing to withstand the personal combat of a political campaign. They DO walk among us, and we need to identify them and encourage them to stand for We The People, our principles, the welfare of our nation and the American Way of Life.

The recent power struggle for control of the Republican Party here in Clark County Nevada was the most divisive and foul campaign for a non-paid position that I have ever seen. The resulting so-called “leadership” of the CCRP will cover any and all candidates that they put forth with a foul stench that will serve no candidate well.

It is up to We The People to offer viable alternatives. We need to identify them early, promote them early, and distinguish OUR candidates for the GOB (Good Ol’ Boys) candidates before and during the primary elections.

Learn from the example of Ronald Reagan: “The Eleventh Commandment” was created by weak-kneed LIBERALS and proved to be a failed philosophy.  Challenge the character, challenge the voting record, challenge everything worth challenging but stay to the facts. And while we are doing that, promote our own viable candidates.

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