Rand Paul To Join Tea Party Protest Of House GOP Tax Deal

Kentucky Senator Rand Paul said last week to let the Democrats raise taxes and then let them own them. He warned the House GOP leadership to not make a deal with Barack Obama or Senate Democrats. Speaker Boehner and other leaders in the House didn’t listen. They had already purged four Tea Party conservatives from two committees that determined finances and budgeting last week. Now Senator Paul joins Georgia Republican Rep. Paul Broun and others, together with Tea Party group TheTeaParty.net to denounce the GOP House leadership’s caving on taxes later this week.

According to TheTeaParty.net’s Facebook page:

The Tea Party is having a DC press conference this Wed at 3 pm EST with Senator Rand Paul and Congressman Paul Broun

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We are taking your 160,000+ “No New Taxes” Petitions you all sent to us the past two weeks, to DC Wednesday to hand delive
r to Congress! Senator Rand Paul and Congressman Paul Broun, Tea Party activist and Fox News Contributor Niger Innis and many other prominent conservatives are joining us for a 3 pm EST press conference at the Capitol Hill Club. We are going to stack all 160,000+ of your petitions in front of the podium for Congress and America to see. That is about 30 cases of paper! The purpose of the press conference is to warn republicans who are thinking about caving to their no tax pledge and instead have them use their majority to vote to extend the Bush tax cuts for all Americans and let Obama and Harry Reid be the ones who raise taxes if they don’t sign it.

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The petitions they are looking to take to Washington, D.C. on Wednesday can be signed here.

The petition reads as follows:

President Obama is doubling down on his class warfare rhetoric by vowing to raise taxes on those making over $250,000 as part of his economic plan. He continuously states that the “Bush tax cuts” must go. These are not the “Bush tax cuts”. These are the CURRENT tax rates that have been in effect for 12 years! We must not let him get away with this spin.

Obama is playing a dangerous game of pitting Americans against each other with the dividing line in his “us” vs. “them” game being $250,000. Those making over $250K per year will see their federal tax rate increase between 3% and 4.6% with the top tax rate going up to 39.6%, effectively increasing the amount of taxes they pay by 13%. But, Obama doesn’t think this is enough and believes that these individuals need to pay more in order to pay their “their fair share”.

In addition, if Obama is not successful in strong arming Republicans to give in to his class warfare demands, then those individuals making less than $8700 per year will see their tax rates increase from 10% to 15%. That’s an increase of 50%! In this terrible economy filled with rising costs, decreased jobs, and massive economic uncertainty, both of these scenarios are a lose/lose situation.

When is enough, enough??? Speaker John Boehner has already shown us that he is not willing to stand up to Obama in his second term by saying that ObamaCare, another taxation nightmare, is the law of the land. He has also indicated that he is willing to “compromise” on raising more tax revenue, which is just cover for saying ‘raise taxes’. If our leaders in D.C. won’t stand up for us, then we must stand up for ourselves.

Sign this petition to send a message to President Obama, Speaker Boehner, and all the bureaucrats in D.C. that enough is enough. No higher taxes! No new taxes!

There has been no word on whether Paul will speak at the event, but will be on hand to show support.

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