Radioactive Hillary

It’s as easy as yellow cake—highly prized uranium—to know which U.S. presidential candidate Vladimir Putin supports. Despite the MSM tall tale, that’s not unpredictable tough guy Donald Trump. If the Russians want to interfere in America’s presidential contest, it’s clearly in their country’s best interest to support the one they can readily push around: lying, corrupt Hillary Clinton.

Unlike Donald Trump, Mrs. Clinton has a well-established history of bartering high level government favors to specifically benefit the USSR. Therefore, Mr. Putin knows Hillary can be cheaply bought. As Mr. Obama’s former Secretary of State, Mrs. Clinton rubber stamped the Uranium One “deal” in which 20% of U.S. domestic uranium production was ceded to Kremlin control. Per a bombshell New York Times article back in April of last year, Canadian records show that Uranium One’s chairman made four donations totaling $2.35 million to Mrs. Clinton’s sham of a charity. A real windfall for the Soviets! If that payoff’s not blatant enough, Bill Clinton received $500,000 for a Moscow speech from a Russian investment bank with government ties promoting Uranium One stock.

That’s Putin’s big carrot to dangle before greedy, immoral Hillary any time he wants something. After all, formerly “dead broke”—now part of the 100 million dollar club in less than 15 years—Mrs. Clinton has repeatedly demonstrated that, as long as she’s living as large as the billionaire class she aspires to, what does she care for the 93 million unemployed fellow citizens (read: the “little people”) left to foot the ruling elites’ escalating spending, the nation’s $19.4 trillion debt?

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If the carrot mysteriously doesn’t work, there remains for Mr. Putin a Trump card. A big stick: manipulation and blackmail. Recall Server-gate, Hillary Clinton’s unsecured personal servers chock full of highly classified material and American secrets. Does anyone seriously believe that foreign powers like the Russians or the Chinese have not stolen those 33,000 deleted emails and would not use that information against her (and us)? Donald Trump certainly thinks so.

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Despite her repeated, pathological denials of any wrongdoing, she has committed treasonous acts more than once. As a true-life Orwellian Big Brother figure, Barack Obama not only doesn’t hold her accountable for her clear law-breaking, but he also laughably promotes her as “most qualified” to succeed him. Thus, solely for personal gain—an ever growing slush fund accumulated via her bogus charity—Mrs. Clinton has permitted the foundational material used to make nuclear bombs to be monopolized by Russia? To further this nefarious equation, as the Soviets have business relationships with Iran—the greatest state sponsor of ISIS and radical Islamic terrorism—does it really take a nuclear scientist to connect all of these dangerous dots? What’s to stop Russia from sharing its cache of American-acquired uranium with Iranian Imams (with their burgeoning nuclear ambitions and their desire to bend the will of the world to Islam)? Precisely nothing.

Hillary Clinton is a menace of the highest order. Make no mistake, she belongs in the big house, not the White House. Seriously, should she be given free access to the “blank check” treasury—and the entire latitude of the U.S. government? Is branding—the irrelevancy of her husband’s name—and the superficiality of her gender enough to reward this amoral creature with the keys to the kingdom? America doesn’t need another polarizing, anti-American president. Additionally, she is someone who promises a virtual Obama third term and a continuation of his eight disastrous years.

People complain about Donald Trump’s unfiltered speech, but they wholly ignore what Hillary has actually done. In the final analysis, what any person does is more important than what any person says. Given First Amendment protections of unpopular or controversial speech, no statement should disqualify any candidate from being president. Yet, based upon Mrs. Clinton’s concrete track record of unequivocal poor judgment and criminal misbehavior, she’s not qualified to be dogcatcher. This is the truth, despite her empty resume of impressive titles and her uncanny, Clintonian ability to slither out of multiple scandals.

Self-serving, she has no love for America. Because of her lies, her unchecked lawlessness, and her complete absence of moral fiber, she’s a toxic candidate. Indeed, she’s as dangerous and as destructive as the foreign hands now holding the radioactive uranium she sold access to. One can scarcely imagine the untold damage wrought on our country by this immoral influence-peddler from the Oval Office. Speaking of branding, the presidential ballot should come with a warning: the skull and crossbones symbol next to Hillary Clinton’s name.

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