Puppet Hillary’s Blame Game

During the 3rd presidential debate Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton laughably claimed that self-made billionaire, Donald Trump—a political outsider—was a puppet, rather than herself:

“He’d [Vladimir Putin] rather have a puppet as president of the United States.”

“No puppet, no puppet… You’re the puppet,” was Mr. Trump’s honest reply.

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Excuse me, but which scandal-embroiled candidate made a dirty U.S. uranium deal with Russia? Which same one blatantly broke American law and fostered potential espionage? As with everything two-faced Hillary says, the truth opposes her own words and deeds. Via Charity-gate, Mrs. Clinton did the former; with Server-gate, she did the latter. Thus, at the debate, she falsely accused Trump of her own crimes. This behavior is classical psychological projection: her own deep-seeded guilt blamed on her innocent political opponent.

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Beyond a worthless apology, Hillary’s blame game never includes herself. Mr. Trump’s call to Russia to release her illegally destroyed emails (if they have them) isn’t espionage. He has nothing to do with what was left unprotected or has likely been stolen. First, wasn’t it Hillary who intentionally had unauthorized, private servers set up in the first place as Secretary of State? Second, wasn’t it Mrs. Clinton’s responsibility to follow the law forbidding such extraneous storage of classified information? Third, since she knowingly ignored the rules, doesn’t she own the consequences of hackers and potentially “interfering” foreign governments in next month’s election?

Hillary has aided Russia, the foreign government she now publicly demonizes. In reality, if anyone is a hypothetical puppet of Putin’s, it’s Hillary Clinton, not Donald Trump. Specifically, her State Department approved the Uranium One deal, which insanely ceded Russian control of 20% of American produced uranium for a fat donation to her pay for play sham of a charity, the Clinton Foundation. (That’s the highly prized “yellow cake” used in nuclear weapons.) What’s to stop the Kremlin from sharing the extra supply with their Middle East allies, the nuclearly ambitious Iranian Imams? You know, the same bearded fellows who finessed a toothless, Obama-approved nuclear deal that virtually guarantees them the bomb within the next decade? The answer to all of the above is nothing at all.

Moreover, if the Soviets do have her destroyed emails, Mr. Putin has a treasure trove of top secret material with which to blackmail the normally paranoid and self-obsessed Hillary. Therefore, Mrs. Clinton would waste critical years in office (vital to the continued solvency of America) looking only to save her own skin. Indeed, the next president must contend with the escalating, unsustainable 19.7T debt. (That sounds like a wheelhouse challenge to a businessman and job creator like Donald Trump.)

Yet, Hillary’s not up to that, or anything constructive. Crooked Hillary will be embroiled in ever worsening scandals, and future Nixon style cover-ups. Just like her impeached hubby Bill, she’ll remain in an endless cycle of political damage control. Recall her already well-established track record of incompetence and lawlessness. While the country seizes in a hellish Clinton Administration death spiral, how would this divisive rabble-rouser lead—except disastrously—over a social and economic cliff?

It doesn’t take a dummy to know who’s better for America’s future. If ventriloquists were Wall Street bankers, speechifying “Hillary six figures” would be their open borders, amnesty-promising marionette. Brassy Donald Trump should not be confused with any of that. Unlike the shifty one percenters who finance Mrs. Clinton’s corrupt candidacy, Donald Trump’s a captain of industry who can’t be bought. He already has all of the fame, wealth and power anyone could want. America needs his tell-it-like-it-is ‘can-do’ optimism—not an elitist figurehead for foreign and domestic special interest groups, and corporate masters.

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