Pulling The Curtain Back On The NAACP

We celebrate Black History every February but some of the history that should be shown often is not? Let us strip the curtains from the shroud of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, the famous NAACP. This organization had many people in the beginning that were not interested in the United States as it was, but wanted a more Communist-style government. How can we make such a statement? Simple, look at the facts that will show very deep Socialist and Communist influence of the NAACP. It begins with the first White organizers.

“The NAACP was established by a coterie of white socialists who subsequently invited blacks into the organization. Its principal founder was Socialist Party member Mary White Ovington, and its first president was attorney Moorfield Storey. Two other white NAACP members, the pro-socialist Jane Addams and the father of progressive education, John Dewey, were also instrumental in organizing the American Civil Liberties Union. One of the NAACP’s original organizers, W.E.B. Du Bois, believed in the communist ideology, often praised the success of Joseph Stalin and Mao Zedong, and eventually joined the Communist Party USA. Du Bois served as the NAACP’s director of publications and research, and in 1910 he established the organization’s official journal, The Crisis. From 1909-34, DuBois was the organization’s most prominent spokesman.”

We have to wonder just how many people know the NAACP was first organized by White Socialists. The direct link to the Socialist party that is very clear is the Socialist Party member Mary White Ovington, who was the NAACP’s primary founder.

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One has to wonder just why is the Socialist Party so very interested in organizing a black group? This was not the only White Socialist that organized the NAACP.   With these people beginning the first organization of the NAACP, it becomes very clear that the NAACP was deeply involved in Socialism.

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Why did the NAACP get deeply involved with the Socialists as far back as 1909? We have to wonder if maybe the entire idea of the NAACP was just to destroy the Constitution and bring the United States into a more Socialistic State. We also see that W.E.B. Du Bois was involved in being one of the organizers of the NAACP, De Bois believed in the Communist ideology so much that he later became a member of the Communist Party and that brought a Communist influence into the NAACP. Let us look at some more of the NAACP and see where the Socialist/Communist influence has brought the organization.

“In The Biographical Dictionary of the Left, Francis X. Gannon wrote: “The formation of the NAACP was urged by the leading radicals of the era including Jane Addams, John Dewey, William Lloyd Garrison, John Haynes Holmes, Lincoln Steffens, Brand Whitlock, Lillian Wald, Rabbi Stephen Wise, and Ray Stannard Baker. Among the first officials of the NAACP were more radicals including: Mary White Ovington, Oswald Garrison Vilard, Walter E. Sachs, John Milholland, Frances Blascoer, and William English Walling. Other radicals were among the first NAACP members: Florence Kelly, William Pickens, James W. Johnson, Charles E. Russell, and E. R. A. Seligman. (Many of these individuals were already or would soon become enrolled in the newly formed Intercollegiate Socialist Society, which later became the League for Industrial Democracy, and, within a few years, they were prominent in various pacifist groups, including the Fellowship of Reconciliation and the American Civil Liberties Union. The NAACP gave them one more vantage point – agitation for Negroes’ equality – from which they could promote Socialism and other facets of radicalism.)” 

This is like a list for Who’s Who is the Socialist-Communist Parties. It even shows that they really had no intention of the equality of the blacks but “used” them to make gains into Socialism and Communism. That is shown by the four words, “…agitation for Negroes’ equality…” They even state that Socialism is one of the ideas they could promote by “using” the black people. They also show, “…other facets of radicalism…” were also wished to be an achievement. It is also shown that the American Civil Liberties Union, ACLU was also established under the guise of Communism/Socialism but that will be another article. To learn more about the NAACP, we must show more of their platform.

“In 1922 the NAACP began receiving grants from the Communist-linked Garland Fund, whose officials included ACLU founder Roger Baldwin as well as Communists like Elizabeth Gurley Flynn, William Z. Foster, Benjamin Gitlow, and Scott Nearing. (These grants continued until at least 1934.)

By 1922 as well, the Communist International had ordered American Communists to exploit blacks in a manner that would threaten the peace and security of the United States. As a result, says Francis X. Gannon: “In its early history, the NAACP proved to be a natural attraction for Communists. DuBois, the real leader of the organization, ‘hailed the Russian Revolution of 1917,’ and he traveled to the Soviet Union in 1926 and 1936. He especially liked ‘the racial attitudes of the Communists.’” By Gannon’s telling: “DuBois’ views, so overtly compatible with the Communists’ plans for a segregated Negro America, were an embarrassment to the NAACP which, of necessity, had to depend upon financial and other support from white America. And, in 1934, DuBois separated from the NAACP. (He returned ten years later but within four years he left the NAACP permanently and devoted his energies full-time working for Communist projects.)”

Here we see the Communist influence in the NAACP in the 1920’s.   But did the Communist influence ever end? We have to look toward the future to see if that changed or evolved. With this in mind, we will move on to the 1940’s to see the NAACP was still working with COMMUNISTS.

“In 1946 the NAACP won the Morgan v. Virginia case, where the Supreme Court struck down laws mandating segregated facilities in interstate travel by train and bus. Two years later, thanks in part to NAACP lobbying, President Harry Truman signed an Executive Order outlawing discrimination by the federal government.”

Also in 1946, the NAACP cooperated with the Communist Party to establish the Communist-dominated Progressive Party, which went on to run former FDR Vice President Henry Wallace for President in the 1948 election.

In 1946, the NAACP cooperated with the Communist Party when the latter, in one of its most ambitious political projects of all time, established the Progressive Citizens of America — the basis for Henry Wallace’s presidential run in 1948.

In 1950, Communist leader Robert Thompson said: “The emergence of a powerful left, anti-imperialist, anti-fascist current among the Negro people is unmistakable and is clearly discernible in the NAACP. This Left, anti-imperialist trend in the Association insists upon much greater attention by the organization to the pressing economic and political problems facing the Negro masses.”

Once again, we see the Communist influence of the NAACP and using the blacks to entertain a destruction of the United States. We also see the beginning of the “Progressive Party,” which was now strongly connected to the Communist Party, but that is yet another subject entirely. The Communist influence still was at the heart of the NAACP even into the 1950’s. We will move on to see what or if the Communists and Socialists were ever purged from the NAACP.

“Among those honored by the NAACP with its annual Spingam Medal have been: W. E. B. DuBois, Mary McLeod Bethune, A. Philip Randolph, William Hastie, Paul Robeson, Thurgood Marshall, Richard Wright, Martin L. King Jr., Ralph Bunche, Walter White, and Langston Hughes.”

“From its inception to the present,… the organization’s officials and its known members, collectively and individually, have represented the influential left, the leadership of Communist fronts and left-wing political and pacifist groups, and the most effective of the anti-anti-Communist establishment….

“The relationship between the NAACP and the Communist Party has been demonstrable through the activities of those attorneys who have held office in the NAACP, its branches, or the ‘Committee of 100’ which supports the NAACP’s Legal Defense and Educational Fund. 

“In more recent decades, the nature of the NAACP’s crusades has changed dramatically from the legitimate causes it once pursued. While claiming that its “primary focus … continues to be the protection and enhancement of the civil rights of African Americans and other minorities,” the organization now supports racial preferences rather than equal rights. It began to move in that direction in the early 1960s, just a few years after having advocated color-blind justice in the Brown v. Board of Education case. The shift was articulated bluntly by Thurgood Marshall, who, as NAACP Chief Counsel in 1954, had written in a brief for Brown: “Distinctions by race are so evil, so arbitrary and invidious that a state, bound to defend the equal protection of the laws must not invoke them in any public sphere.” But as a Supreme Court Justice in the 1960s, Marshall once told fellow Justice William O. Douglas in a conversation about racial preferences: “You [white] guys have been practicing discrimination for years. Now it’s our turn.”

Although it seemed that the NAACP was an organization bidding for the equal rights of minorities, once one digs into the background and the people that ran or guided the organization, it becomes more and more clear that the Communist/Socialist Parties had nothing more in mind then to destroy the United States from within by increasing racial agitation.

This also shows that once blacks got equal rights, they, in turn, began discriminating against others.

Today, many blacks are waking up to the truth but those who do not wish to continue on an equal basis with others will never allow equality to be just that, equal.

The very people that claim to help them, the Democrats, once again hold blacks back. Democrats are very quick to say they help poor blacks, but that is never the truth.  Most of the time, Democrats just want to keep them poor so they will vote Democratic.

Let’s move forward to our recent times to show the NAACP is still linked to people that are out to undermine the United States and also linked to people with past ties to the German Nazi Party and that is in addition to the Communists and Socialists within the ranks of the NAACP.

“In 2002 Mfume led a delegation to Communist Cuba, “to learn more about [that nation’s] education and health systems.” He embraced the Marxist dictator Fidel Castro and urged that the U.S. engage in more trade with Cuba. Mfume also had a token meeting with Cuban dissidents, but an official NAACP press release cast doubt on whether the latter were being truthful in claiming that “the Cuban people are denied freedom of expression and freedom of worship.” This same press release ended by quoting, without question or qualification, a Cuban Communist commissar saying: “Most of these people [dissidents] just pretend to represent organizations. They have absolutely no support in our country.” 

The NAACP has long favored reparations payments as compensation for the enslavement of black people in America between the 17th and 19th centuries, and as punishment for the nation’s persisting racism throughout the post-slavery era. In July 2005, for instance, the NAACP announced that its economic agenda now included a quest to extract reparations payments from, and to conduct boycotts against, American corporations with “historical ties to slavery.” Said the organization’s interim president, Dennis C. Hayes: “Absolutely, we will be pursuing reparations from companies that have historical ties to slavery and engaging all parties to come to the table. Many of the problems we have now including poverty, disparities in health care and incarcerations can be directly tied to slavery.” The chairman of the NAACP’s economic development committee, Nelson Rivers, said: “We don’t plan to allow them to continue to enjoy our African-American dollars while they continue to ignore us.”[3]

[3]  As to the question of how to determine which companies had been tied to slavery, a Washington Times piece stated: “James Lide, director of the international division at History Associates Inc., a Rockville firm that researches old records, said determining how many U.S. businesses are linked to slavery depends upon definition. Almost every business has at least an indirect link to slavery, he said. For example, some railroad and Southern utility companies can trace their roots to businesses that used slave labor. Textile companies, for example, use cotton that was grown on Southern plantations.”

The NAACP is perhaps the most Anti-United States organization in the US. It demands what the Socialists and Communists within its organization wish to get. It does not reflect what the original Socialists that began the NAACP asked for. It is clearly shown to be an organization that is out to destroy the United States and make the society harder to live in by stirring up hate and accusations that for the most part are not true. But let us look at some more of this organization.

“In July 2005, Bruce Gordon, one of America’s most prominent black corporate executives, succeeded Kweisi Mfume as NAACP president. But Gordon often clashed with the organization’s board, and he consequently resigned in March 2007. Whereas Gordon had sought to address the black community’s practical problems, many of the board members were steadfastly committed to the notion that the NAACP’s mission should focus on achieving “social justice” in an allegedly racist, unremittingly discriminatory United States. In an interview shortly after he departed, Gordon said that the NAACP had lost touch with its constituency.”

According to informed sources, another major cause of Gordon’s dissatisfaction was the micro-managing style of NAACP chairman Julian Bond. In fact, when Gordon was first selected to lead the NAACP in 2005, a source close to former president Kweisi Mfume (who also had clashed with Bond) said: “He [Gordon] won’t have any control. Julian won’t let him have the power.” 

In March 2013, the billionaire philanthropist George Soros pledged to give, through his Open Society Foundations$1 million to the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund. This was the largest grant, which that organization had received from a named donor in recent decades. The stated purpose of the grant was to oppose the implementation of Voter ID laws, and to help fight challenges to some provisions of the Voting Rights Act.”

In the last paragraph above, we see that the one and only George Soros openly began working with the NAACP. This is a man who has no problem with destroying the United States. Soros is the man who found, “…The most exciting time of my life to work with the Nazi’s…” or words to that effect. Soros is perhaps the worst man to accept money from as he disguises his real intent with money and words. Soros would like nothing less then a race war in the United States to destabilize the nation. He should be called a Nazi for the way he acts and maybe that is one reason he feels like he does about the United States.  We destroyed the Nazi’s he worked for!

Let’s expose even more of this organization.

“In July 2015, pressure from the NAACP caused Connecticut’s state Democratic Party to vote unanimously to remove the names of Thomas Jefferson and Andrew Jackson from its annual Jefferson Jackson Bailey fundraising dinner. At issue was the NAACP’s complaint that the two former presidents had owned slaves, as well as the role Jackson had played in the removal of Native Americans from the southeastern United States. Scot X. Esdaile, the head of Connecticut’s NAACP, said: “I would applaud the current leaders in Connecticut in making the symbolic first step and striving to right the wrongs of the past. You can’t right all the wrongs, but I think it’s a symbolic gesture of our support for their party.”

Here we see the NAACP working showing that they “Forced” the removal of monuments because they felt it not right since they owned slaves, this shows the NAACP is bent on removing anything to do with white people and replace it with those it chooses, like maybe Stalin or Castro? We wonder why the NAACP allows blacks that owned slaves to be glorified with names on buildings and in other ways, like the Morial family in New Orleans who owned Slaves in their cigar factory. But when it is found out blacks owned slaves the first thing they state is that it was all right because they were black. Many blacks have stated that when questioned about that. The NAACP seems to follow the same ideas also since some members of their organization had family or friends that owned slaves at one time too. They forget that it was the Democrats that Voted to Keep slavery, it was the Democrats that voted Against Civil Rights, it was the Democrats that voted against allowing blacks to vote. But that is not what they want to hear and the NAACP openly supports the very people that keeps them fighting with everyone. Now lets look at those that fund the NAACP. We must warn you that nearly all of these organizations have ties, links, or association with.

The NAACP receives large amounts of funding from a host of charitable philanthropies, including such notables as the Aetna Foundation, the American Express Foundation, the Andrew W. Mellon FoundationAnnie E. Casey Foundation, the AT&T Foundation, the Bank of America Foundation, the Bauman Family Foundation, the Ben and Jerry’s Foundation, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the Boston Foundation, the Carnegie Corporation of New York, the Charles Stewart Mott Foundation, the Clinton Family Fund, the Compton Foundation, the David and Lucile Packard Foundation, the Fannie Mae Foundation, the Ford Foundation, the Heinz Trust, the JEHT Foundation, the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation, the Joyce Foundation, the Open Society Institute, the Park Foundation, the Ploughshares Foundation, the Public Welfare Foundation, the Rockefeller Foundation, the Sara Lee Foundation, the Scherman Foundation, the Simons Foundation, the Surdna Foundation, the Tides Foundation, the Verizon Foundation, the William and Flora Hewlitt Foundation, the W.K. Kellogg Foundation. and the Z. Smith Reynolds Foundation.

Although some are very legitimate organizations, one in particular stands out from the rest, Open Society Institute.  Why?  Because it is the child of one George Soros and he was deeply involved with the Nazi Party when he was young. Check them out for yourselves, many will have ties to Communist and Socialist ideologies and that proves that the NAACP is still linked to the Communists and Socialists trying to ruin our nation. There are other groups mentioned above with direct links to Socialists and Communists.

Our nation has survived for many years even with the Communists and Socialists trying to destroy our Constitution and our way of life, but during the last few years, our nation was dangerously close to becoming a Socialist nation with the NAACP leading the way with their friends that were and still are helping them out.

We have come a very long way but some of the ideas coming from the NAACP are based upon the philosophy of the Communist or Socialist that hurt our great nation. We can and do for the most part live together well but groups like the NAACP work at making waves where none exist.

It reminds us of an instance where an old black man that many of the neighbors had brought food to him, worked on his house for nothing and helped him out of some jams. He got along with all the white people that brought him all the things he liked and helped him when he needed help. One day he seemed to vanish and was gone for a long time. When he came back he walked into the bar where he got free drinks from time to time while chatting with his white friends. When he was asked where he was he looked up and stared at all those there. He did not smile like he used to when he greeted them but looked like he had just lost his best friend. Without hesitation, he stated, “My friends came by and told me how you people were holding me back, how you people were not allowing me to become a great man, how you people pandered to me just to keep me as your slave.”

Before speaking further, those who went to his modest place and helped him fix his home, brought him fish and sat down with him to talk and drink his coffee, stared at him and could not understand what he was talking about. They just stared in awe that he would come up with such insanity. The man continued, “They told me that you did not want me to be part of your white society and that you kept me in my home just to laugh at me.” At that point one man who always stopped by to bring him fresh shrimp and fresh fish he caught stood up and asked the burning question the others were too stunned to ask, “Who in the hell told you that?” The man stood there in front of all those that had helped him in so many ways and clearly stated, “The NAACP told me that in their program I was at in Atlanta, they said the only reason you acted like you cared was to keep me poor and oppressed.”

With that, he left the bar he was always welcomed at and no one ever saw him again. Many tried to find out where he went because they were worried about the man since it seemed like he was brainwashed into believing something that was not true. This little story is factual, we stood there in disbelief at what the man stated, we were only 10 years old when that happened and it was burned into our mind because we ourselves brought tomatoes we picked to the man’s home after working in the fields picking them. This we think is what happened to many people during the 60’s and up to the present. We often wonder what happened to the very nice man we sat and listened to stories about the swamp and how he tackled an alligator. He was a very good man that went to church and talked to all people, until he met the NAACP.

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