Principles or Compromise – Which will the GOP Choose?

By now, most everyone, at least geeks like us, have heard what Haley Barbour said last week in New Orleans at the Republican Leadership Conference. For those in need of a reminder, here are a few highlights (or low lights), as reported by the Washington Times: “Being the purest, most conservative loser does not allow America to improve one iota,” Mr. Barbour said. “We have to be careful to remember in the mathematics winning is about addition and multiplication. Losing is about division and subtraction. Our party has lost ground in the last few years that we need to get back.”

He cited the loss of Christine O’Donnell in Delaware, where she lost in the general election after defeating the establishment RINO, Mike Castle in the primary.

“We defeated a guy who was going to get 60 percent of the vote, and we gave that seat to a left wing Democrat who doesn’t vote right five percent of the time,” Mr. Barbour said. “We have done that more than once in recent times.”

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He then added the money quote, “Purity is the enemy of victory… Victory stems from unity.”

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Well Mr. Barbour, as an undesignated, self-appointed representative of constitutional conservatism, I can tell you that you and the rest of your Karl Rove establishment cronies are full of crap.

We conservatives have compromised all we’re going to. As Charleton Heston, playing Moses, said in the movie, The Ten Commandments (best movie ever), “All who thirst for freedom may come with us.”

In other words, you may join us in our quest to restore the country, or get out of our way.

Oh, and as for Christine O’Donnell; I recall that after her primary win she was abandoned by the Republican establishment – no support – little to no funding for her campaign. Where was your precious “unity” then?

This whole campaign of unity and compromise is just nonsensical code. To them it simply means for us to sit down, shut up and vote for whom they tell us to.

So when I read an article by Dr. Ben Carson, I was taken aback.

His article in was entitled, “Conservatives Won’t Win Elections by Refusing to Compromise.”

Dr. Carson, known as a true conservative (at least so far), has been everywhere recently. He is obviously contemplating a run for president in 2016.

He wrote: “If conservatives decide to take their marbles and go home rather than fight to the bitter end because they feel the principles have been compromised, they will needlessly subject future generations to untold misery… Voting for someone who agrees with you 90% of the time is far superior to voting for someone who disagrees with you 100% of the time.”

On its face this sounds reasonable and pragmatic, although the last sentence is rather specious. No one would vote for someone they disagree with 100% of the time. But what of the 90%? It depends on what the other 10% is. If that 10% gives support for Obamacare – then no. If it’s mass amnesty – then no. If it’s man caused global warming – then no.

So far, I like Dr. Carson, but this is a major red flag for me. He’s obviously brilliant, clean and articulate (hat tip – Joe Biden), but this article concerns me.

Are we being set up? Will we all jump on the black conservative bandwagon only to be heartbroken? Is he setting the stage to drop a RINO bombshell on us later?

I don’t know, but the timing of his article and Barbour’s speech has my radar up. We can’t afford another George W, Herbert Hoover, Bush.

As the saying goes, “It’s not paranoia if everyone really is after you.”

Editor’s Note: With regard to Barbour’s statement, my father use to have a saying, “You can tie two tomcats’ tails together and you will have union, but you will never have unity.” Perhaps he could learn something from that. Additionally, I was struck by the words of a true patriot and lover of liberty against those of Ben Carson, who said, “Give me liberty or give me death,” not “Give me liberty or at least a little compromise on liberty.”

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