Prepping for Persecution

As Christians worldwide continue to be persecuted, should developing a “Home Church” be on your list of preps?

One only has to scan the headlines to become intimately aware of the genocide being perpetrated on Christians worldwide. In fact, some reports from the Middle East warn of complete elimination of all Christians in one Iraqi village. But the question is: will that kind of persecution come to the United States? In short, yes. It’s coming not only to the United States, but, if you believe Scripture, it’s coming to every Christian on the globe.
Since the overwhelming majority of Pastors in this country knowingly skirt the truth of God’s Word, the Church, as a whole, has lost its influence. Many, many professing Christians are merely “pew-sitters,” and use the occasion of church fellowship as their weekly social gathering. Please understand that God will not be mocked, and, in my humble opinion, will address these matters in His perfect time. Will God use persecution to cleanse the Church in the United States? Yes, I think that it’s inevitable He will.
When the day finally arrives in the United States that finds Christians as terrorists, or some other label derived from hate, being a Christian will mean operating underground; much like Christians have been forced to do in China. Have the many years of persecution in China come close to the goal of eliminating Christ from its society? Not even close, as China is poised to lead the world in Christian followers in not too many years. In addition to any persecution that may come to our shores, a societal collapse, or “grid-down” scenario, would most likely disrupt our lives to the point that normal fellowship, at our place of normal worship, could be suspended for weeks, or perhaps months. Coming together with a group of like-minded Christians for a weekly home fellowship now may pay great dividends in the not-too-distant future. I am not calling for you to abandon your current place of worship, but to form a Home Church, fellowship, Bible study, or whatever you might call it, which meets once a week so that we can continue to come together and worship in small groups – no matter what the world serves up.
The video below is an interview that we conducted on The Liberty Brothers Radio Show with my friend, Dave Mostek. Dave could be considered an expert on starting and running multiple successful Home Churches, as he did so in the D.C. area for many, many years. With all of the bases that need to be covered when organizing successful preps, please do not overlook your need for the Word, and for Christian fellowship, when the stuff hits the fan.

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