Poll: More Americans Favor School School Officials Having Guns Than Weapons Ban

A recent poll conducted by Gallup shows that more Americans believe that several things would be more effective at preventing mass shootings at schools than a weapons ban, including having at least one school official carrying a firearm.

The poll was conducted with the number of adult participants being a little over 1,000.

The introduction to the polling results reads:

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Americans are most likely to say that an increased police presence at schools, increased government spending on mental health screening and treatment, and decreased depiction of gun violence in entertainment venues would be effective in preventing mass shootings at schools. Americans rate the potential effectiveness of a ban on assault and semi-automatic guns as fourth on a list of six actions Gallup asked about.

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As you will notice most people believe and increased presence of police officers would be the most effective. I tend to shy away from that myself as in most cases policemen are already disproportionate to the population, which makes it difficult to get an officer should an emergency arise.

Second on the list six propositions is more government spending on mental health screening and treatment. Again, not on my list of priorities as it involves bigger, more costly government.

Third is decreasing the depiction of gun violence on TV, movies and in video games. This may be a factor, but I think a small one. For instance I played “violent video games,” watch films with violence and such and some of my older children do with me. That was never an issue that made me want to go play “shoot em up” at a mall or school. These things may simply add to the real problem, which is simply the depravity of man.

Notice in the fourth and fifth row are two things that have been talked about most recently: Banning semi-automatic firearms & arming at least one school official with a firearm. I’m not using the term “assault weapon,” even though it was used in the poll, as I’m trying to honor what I wrote yesterday with regards to the use of the term.

While banning semi-automatic firearms overwhelmed the arming a school official in the “very effective” column, if you were to combine the very effective and somewhat effective, you discover that it actually outweighs the banning of semi-automatic guns.

The troubling aspect is the number of people that desire “more government intervention (ie. more police, government spending on mental health and obviously legislation that would deal with movies and video games). As you look at the image below, notice where my fellow Republicans show up in this regard.

gallup 2

While I’m glad to see those numbers in the Republican column low on gun bans and close to 50% on arming a school official, it is a bit troubling to think that those of the party of “smaller government” desire more government, especially police officers at their children’s schools. I do understand that emotional draw that has though. I just think people should step back and see what is most cost effective and what would be a simple, yet common sense approach to dealing with security in this area.

Some say that arming teachers is implying “bigger government” I completely disagree. The reality would be that teachers could be allowed to carry their own firearms, provided they pay for their own training and concealed carry permits (CCW), along with the purchase of their own firearm and ammunition. There is no need for the government or the school system to dole out more money to finance this.

While some will laugh at that idea, I ask you, why are certain buildings, like schools, banks, and government facilities off limits to law abiding citizens who have gone through the process of obtaining a CCW? Obviously the government seems to trust them enough to carry their firearm concealed everywhere else, why not in these places? Frankly, I don’t understand the logic and if we were to remove the “soft targets” of “gun free zones” such as schools and such, I think those who decide that they are going to attempt to murder innocent people will think twice about where they try to go and do it.

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