Politicians’ Principles: When “Undecided” Actually Means “For Sale”

In the past month or so, I believe I have seen nearly a half dozen video reports in which some child managed to get their heads stuck between some bars or their bodies stuck in some location from which extraction seemed near impossible; not unlike our Dip-Stick-In-Charge (DSIC) with the situation in Syria. A week ago he was strutting and acting like the King that he envisions himself to be declaring that he needed no one’s permission to commit what is left of our decimated military to yet another fiasco in the Middle East. I firmly believe that had the DSIC found even one ally of note, or should he do so in the future, we will be dragged into Syria.

What I find most interesting about the current situation is the apparent outbreak of “bipartisanship” in Washington D.C. Normally any issue of significance is divided sharply along party lines like a hard-boiled egg dropped on an old fashioned straight razor. But the instant that the videos of the miniature holocaust in Damascus were broadcast there was bipartisan resistance to our country being dragged down that sewer pipe to nowhere.

Today, the one TV channel that actually broadcasts news, showed a breakdown of a headcount of how many congressmen were committed “for” going to war with Syria and perhaps most of the rest of the world, how many were “against” going to war, and how many were “undecided.”  One of our local congressman is a master at justifying just why he or she will not take a position on anything until the vote is taken. There are always limitless reasons as to why a person might take a prolonged period of time to decide a complex issue. But let’s look at the track record of our “representatives” who are prone to waiting until a vote is taken before they decide an issue.

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Surely we all remember The Cornhusker Kickback, in which then Republican Ben Nelson held out until the state of Nebraska was given a permanent exemption from the Obama-Care leaving the rest of the states to carry the load. And just look at what Democrats Bernie Sanders and Carl Levin sold their votes for.
involve America in yet another pointless foray into the Middle East, the rational person would ask some simple questions, such as:

  • Has Syria directly attacked America? No.
  • Has Syria attacked the last remaining “once was a friend” in that neighborhood? No – at least not yet.
  • Does America have major vested interests in Syria that are being threatened? No.
  • Was the use of poison gas against a civilian population a horrific act? Yes, it was.
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Now I don’t mean to sound crass and callused here, but as a Vietnam Combat Veteran, it has been my observation “Dead is Dead,” by whatever means. So it is difficult for me to get more upset over the most recent one percent of the casualties in that conflict.

In this case, just like in the case of the Obama-Care, we have those with a conscience – the “no” votes, the Eloy who respond to the sound of the siren call of the party and trudge dutifully to be fed to the Morlocks, and those who proudly carry their “FOR SALE” sign – the “UNDECIDED.

Regardless of what direction the DSIC drives this country, We The People need to take notice of each and every “representative” who is NOW waving their “FOR SALE” sign and find and support patriots with a conscience and conviction to replace the shameless prostitutes currently masquerading as “representatives of We The People”.

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