Political Grandstanding: Congress’ Last Surrender

I realize that I am not very bright compared to some folks; at least I have never considered myself as bright as some other folks consider themselves to be. I have never been a student of the political process, but back in the day when "Civics" was taught in school I thought I understood the basics on how a bill was created (more or less) and how a bill became a law. I even studied the lessons on Sesame Street on how a bill became a law.

I thought I understood. But that was before we put a Deranged Socialist In Charge (DSIC) in the White House. That "maroon" (as Bugs Bunny would say) is of the very firm opinion that he is King of The World and our Congress encourages him at every turn.

That most sorry excuse for a president that this nation has ever known tramples on the Constitution of the United States as if it were the door mat outside a public toilet every day he is in office and our gutless Congress is so terrified of being called "racist" that they are paralyzed like a dear in the headlights.

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Now Congress is working on introducing a bill that, if it becomes law, will require the DSIC to comply with all laws as written.

Hello? Alice? Surely I have stepped through the looking glass.

So, as I understand it, this is the plan....

Congress will create this iron clad bill that will force the DSIC to enforce the laws as written. The DSIC flippantly defecates on the highest law in the land - the Constitution of the United States - but supposedly will cringe in front of this new law.

As I recall from my lessons on Sesame Street, once Congress passes this new and all powerful bill, it will then be sent to the Senate who, in this imaginary world will then pass the bill untouched. Hello? Alice?

Is this not the same Senate that ruled under the overly lubricated iron fist of Whore House Harry Reid? Is this not the same Senate that has blocked countless bills to include numerous budgets from ever seeing the light of day, much less open floor debate?

Since we are cavorting through this imaginary world, let's assume for a moment that someone dosed the air conditioning system in the Senate with massive doses of LSD and some form of this proposed bill actually slipped through the Senate. As I recall from my lessons on Sesame Street, the next step would be to send the Bill to the DSIC to be signed into law. Hello? Alice?

King Lord God Obama must be rolling around on the floor of the Oval Office in fits of laughter. How absolutely absurd and bizarre can this three ring circus in Washington get?

The DSIC is constantly drawing "a red line in the sand" that the whole world recognizes as a "yellow line in the snow."  Has Congress caught the DSIC's "Red Line Flu"?

How long are We The People willing to allow this absolute insanity to continue?

In my totally un-Ed-You-Ma-Kated point of view, We The People have but two choices: Either push Congress to grow some cojones and call for impeachment of the usurper DSIC OR... we recall the wisdom of Thomas Jefferson: "The Tree of Liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants."

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