In our first segment, we looked at the definitions of political correctness and some of its origins. In the second article, we briefly discussed the effects that political correctness has had on society. In this, our third and final, installment on political correctness, we need to unpack it a bit more to determine what the end result for society will be when governed by the unwritten code of politically correct behavior.

We are starting to see how things are working themselves out in society. In essence, truth - as such - is relative. Political correctness essentially states that the end justifies the means. An alarming amount of people agree with that mentality.

For instance, since many are against gun violence, they excuse the federal government for using something called "Fast and Furious" as a means to bring about the need for more gun control measures. "Fast and Furious" was an operation created by the federal government that allowed thousands of guns to literally walk across the border into Mexico through straw and otherwise illegal purchases. This was done at the behest of the ATF with a variety of gun stores near our southern border. Supposedly, the guns were going to be tracked right to the drug cartels so that some type of evidence could be used against the drug lords. Unfortunately, the ATF lost track of most of the guns and one was used in the killing of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry. Other Americans have been killed with these guns, as well as hundreds of innocent people in Mexico.

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The goal was to show that current gun control laws were not enough. More was needed. It backfired by this administration and they went into stonewall mode to protect themselves. This is an example - had it worked - of the ends justifying the means. Stopping to consider the fact that the feds knew that these guns would end up in the wrong hands and most likely be used against innocent people tells you something of the callousness of our government.

Another example is Benghazi. Something went terribly wrong. A "stand down" order was given and ignored by SEAL team members who chose to disregard the order to save lives. They were eventually killed along with two other Americans, including Ambassador Chris Stevens. What was the back story? We're still not sure though several candid and believable theories have been proffered. Again, this administration is too busy stonewalling Congress, which again, tells us that they have something to hide.

We are aware of the IRS scandal as well as the AP phone and email records being illegally taken by the DOJ. In each of these situations, it appears that a type of relative truth was utilized to bring about the desired change. In reality, it also shows a very corrupt federal government that is willing to abrogate the rights of citizens in order to achieve its own purposes.

Just yesterday I read that the DOJ is now intimating that people who use the Internet to "bash" Islam may be violating the rights of Muslims. Coupled with this, people are saying that the 1st Amendment is not unlimited or unconditional. There are restrictions. Here is the text of the 1st Amendment: "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances."

Please note that it is against the law for Congress to make laws that would abridge the freedom of speech. This is violated by the federal government all the time and now the DOJ wants to move further in restricting the right to exercise free speech.

This is what happens in a society where political correctness becomes the way by which individuals within that society interrelate. Political correctness has no problem abrogating the inherent rights of individuals for the greater good of society. Affirmative Action and other policies have created an imbalanced and unfair way of allegedly righting wrongs. In the process, wrongs are created but excused because of the belief that overall, things balance out.

Political correctness has created groups of people who are interested only in their own group. Feminists, Hispanics, blacks, gays, environmentalists, and other minorities are encouraged to build their own platforms. This is because of the mentality within political correctness that says there are really only two classes of people in the world - victims and oppressors. The oppressors (generally white males) are believed to be part of the "good old boy" establishment and because of that, all other groups lose out (victims). These groups need a leg up and the federal government is quick to give it to them. The difficulty comes into play when you have two or more "victims" groups pushing for survival through their own self-interest. This creates a pecking order among victim groups.

But none of this could really exist if not for the cooperative efforts of the media in general, including not just news bureaus, but Hollywood itself. This is really the propaganda arm of Marxism, aka the New Left. "Marxism, as an ideologically driven revolutionary movement, recognized the importance of journalists and the press. Many early Marxists were journalists or became journalists as part of their activism. Marxist parties always had an Agitation and Propaganda Department, known as AgitProp, even at the cell level, at the very bottom of the party hierarchy. Disseminating true and accurate information was never their goal." [1]

Anything that smacks of conservatism today is roundly panned by the New Left. It is labeled biased and because of that, should be avoided. One can only wonder why the New Left has problems mainly with FOX News. For the New Left, the majority of media bureaus are acceptable, which should also tell us what we need to know about their thinking. The New Left has become well adept at manipulating truth so that the lies that are presented appear to be truthful and believable to the average person.

"Today New Left activists actually run some these corporations, they sit on their boards of directors, they are CEO-s and division heads. Huge media conglomerates usually own newspapers, magazines, movie studios, book and music publishers and TV channels. Capable executives of these corporations have total control over the message conveyed by the various types of media produced by company divisions. Not surprisingly, most media producing enterprises serve a decidedly left-wing agenda." [2] Yet, when the right-leaning Koch brothers decide they want to buy a newspaper in an attempt to balance out the portrayal of news, the New Left and its puppets become enraged at the thought of someone having the ability to control the message.

Fortunately, with the onset of the Internet, the conservative voice is still heard and it has been making a difference. This would also explain why this administration wants to partner with the UN in giving them control over the type of information that can be disseminated across the 'Net. In many ways, the New Left needs to control free speech by limiting it.

Ultimately, political correctness creates a situation where the New Left is given control to the level of demagoguery. They decide what people can say, how they can act, and what is acceptable for society. This is done at first through peer pressure and ultimately takes shape in the form of new laws. Violating these laws will mean jail or prison time.

Political correctness endeavors to silence anyone who opposes the agenda. It takes a free society and slowly changes it into one that is guided by tyranny. This is the end result of giving political correctness a voice. It is a new way to manipulate the masses. The old way was by using humanistic relativism, but being "PC" is so much easier to use, isn't it? It requires very little thought to bring about massive changes in society that literally ends freedom and puts people in chains. Most are unwilling or unable to see it until it is too late.

One book I've been reading lately is by Diana West and it is called "American Betrayal" and it provides what appears to be an accurate account of how political correctness gained mastery over society starting with FDR. If you would like to have your eyes opened, I strongly suggest you read it.

I would also strongly suggest you begin reading the Bible from a different perspective than you may have been doing previously. Read through it and try to notice how often a person comes face to face with a situation that is nothing less than a fallacy created via political correctness. You might be surprised at how often Satan uses the PC method to gain the victory. In fact, I believe he first used it after God had finished His Creation in the Garden of Eden against Eve. He questioned God's authority and His motive. Essentially, Satan questioned what was really right or correct. Eve, confused by the questions, fell to the implications of political correctness.

We can stop political correctness if we work hard enough. We've already slowed it down. But whether we win or lose on that front, we have an obligation to reject anything that even smacks of politically correct thinking. There is no place for it in the realm of truth because political correctness has absolutely nothing to do with truth in the first place.

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This is Part three in s series. Read Part 1 here and Part 2 here.

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