Political Correctness: Taking Its Toll on Society

In our first segment, we discussed the meaning of political correctness and origins. The trouble with political correctness is that the more you dig into it, the deeper the hole seems to become. It’s almost as though one can never quite get to the end (beginning) of the entire issue because it is so convoluted.

We know that political correctness is a way of thinking that drives a person’s actions and words. Though not necessarily legislated (in most cases), the pressure placed on individuals to be politically correct can often frustrate most people into submission. We spoke of the example of homosexuality and the fact that, in spite of no proof whatsoever, people are led to believe that all gay people are born that way. Because they are born that way, anyone who disagrees with the gay lifestyle is seen as a hater. After all, the gay person had absolutely no choice in the matter it is argued, therefore, they are being condemned for something they had no control over. How could anyone force their opinion onto a gay person that smacks of demagoguery? That is hate according to the left.

There are many examples of what political correctness has done to society. In the end, political correctness is something that robs people of independence of thought, whether their opinions are good or bad. Political correctness seeks to remake society into something else altogether so that the values and principles that once guided society are overthrown and replaced with new ones. This is done by teaching people to rely not on logic, but on their feelings. More on that in a moment.

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We spoke briefly in our last segment about how the New Left has infiltrated society at all levels and works from within to recreate society. The left has done this by gathering to itself a new coalition of people made up of minorities. Women, blacks, Hispanics, as well as other ethnic groups, and gays, lesbians, transgenders – all people who have felt cast off by the mainstream of society. These individuals would come in handy for the left. They would become their “useful idiots” who would speak to the virtues that the New Left wants to see replace the old ones.

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This was accomplished by using what Antonio Gramsci termed “the long march through the institutions.” This meant getting in the trenches and working for change from within. As a result, many Marxist intellectuals deliberately chose paths that brought them into the halls of academia, or as CEOs of large companies, or as politicians, or as the movers and shakers in the entertainment industry. This was where they could actually create change for society by brainwashing people from that vantage point. Since people are affected differently by different things, it was far better for Marxists to reach out to people of all walks of life and begin the transformation with the things that were personal and important to them.

It must be understood that the New Left is made up of essentially idealists. “Idealists believe in higher values, personal growth, social justice, helping others, meaningful relationships and a better future. Their primary emotion is empathy. They feel other people’s pain, they long for love and understanding, they want to contribute to society. They yearn for peace and cooperation. They are attracted to mysticism, to theories, to spirituality. They are selfless. They want to help everyone. Some of them also crave power. Lots of power.” [1]

We see this repeatedly. The left operates under a strong sense of emotional virtue. They are guided by their emotions and this is the deciding factor for them in determining what is right and what is wrong. Logically, we should be able to see how this could actually wreak havoc on society because God did not make human beings to be slaves to their emotions or to be led by them. He created us with an intellect and the ability to think things through. Too many people toss logic aside (if they had it in the first place) and are led around by their fleeting emotions.

New Left theorists developed new alternatives that were more attractive to young people than traditional religions or orthodox Marxism. Instead of forcing them into a comprehensive but rigid belief system the New Left gave them choices. They could pick any cause their heart desired. They didn’t have to follow tiresome rules; they didn’t have to perform tedious rituals. They didn’t even have to make material or monetary contributions. There was no evident authoritarian theology.” [2]

Do you see then how the New Left – operating under re-imagined Marxist principles – has been able to capture the hearts of people today? “All beliefs, all ideologies, all groups were accepted into the fold, no matter how extreme.” [3] All, that is, except one. Christianity. Christianity is based on absolutes given to us by God Himself. These are non-negotiable values. The New Left stands against these values and because of that, can only accept those “Christians” into their fold who are “mainstream” or “mainline” Christians.

In other words, people who claim to be Christian and are on the left actively show this by accepting all other ideologies regardless of how extreme those ideologies might be. “All beliefs and agendas had to submit to the ultimate goal: the destruction of economic power, capitalism and American Imperialism.” [4] Authentic Christians cannot do this because it represents a compromise against God’s absolute truth. Anyone who believes himself to be a Christian while fully employed in spreading the goals of the left is kidding himself.

We have seen how this has worked itself out in society and there has been no better example of this than with respect to minorities. There has always been racial conflict and due to political correctness, we have seen a tremendous uptick in that conflict throughout the world and within America. We can actually see and feel the tension growing.

It has become the norm to have special interest groups like the NAACP who stand up for and support blacks when it appears that they are being taken advantage of because of race. There are many groups like this whose goal and purpose is to support their particular ethnic culture. No such group exists for whites because that smacks of colonialism and the KKK. Besides, according to politically correct thinking, whites (especially white males) are the oppressors and minorities are the victims.

bothI have written a book called “Falling Away,” which deals with this in detail. The other book shown – “Caught in the Grip of Political Correctness” – is not yet available. In both of these books, I highlight the problem of political correctness and how it has created the tension and problems in society that currently exist.

Ultimately, political correctness has created a society of victims, standing against the oppressor (whites). That tension is starting to bubble over, creating more problems and conflict. Ultimately, the attacks on economic power, capitalism, and colonialism are designed to destroy biblical values that have been the foundation of this country. It is being done through sheer force of will.

Next time, we will discuss the long term effects and goals of political correctness and what can be done to stem the tide.

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*This is part 2 in a series. Read Part 1 here and Part 3 here.

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