PJ Media appears to be joining the growing list of COINTEL PRO (Controlled Opposition) groups. They openly oppose the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) and the power it gives Obama with the Indefinite Detention of Americans and anyone with out due process; effectively stripping away Constitutional Protections.

This is the right position to take however, PJ Media at the same time is now working with one of the strongest backers of the NDAA and the indefinite detention of American citizens. The man they are doing this with is Allen West.

Freedom Outpost's Jim Stachowiac has called PJ Media several times, including today at 13:51 hours EDT and spoke with a lady on the other end.

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We asked them:

How can PJ Media claim to be anti-NDAA and pro freedom when it's a documented fact that they are working with the very people behind the NDAA who have defended the indefinite detention of Americans?

Their response was:

We have no comment at this time concerning this.

Freedom Outpost finds it hypocritical and will state that if PJ Media has nothing to hide then why are they so afraid to answer a few questions?

If you would like to call them, you wont get anyone on the number listed on their site, unless you know a good extension number. So here is the number to call if you wish to reach a live person: 310-996-0100. They wont identify themselves when you connect initially and will ask who you are.

PJ Media does take an anti-NDAA position which includes pushing for nullification in the States of the NDAA.

PJ Media is now in a working relationship with the chief backer and supporter of the indefinite detention of American Citizens the NDAA.

In fact, on January 15, 2013, Allen West wrote:

Today I’m excited to announce that I have joined PJ Media, LLC, as director of its Next Generation programming. I am truly honored to be a member of the PJ Media and PJTV team and to continue to be a voice advocating for principled, pragmatic solutions to the issues affecting our constitutional republic.

I enjoyed my time serving as a member of the 112th Congress. However, those who think losing a congressional race defines me and ends my service to my country fail to realize what drives my patriotism and passion for America. True leaders do not need a title, just a conviction, a cause, and the character enabling them to make a stand.

>Below is information on Allen West and its hypocritical anti-Constitutional position on our freedoms.

Allen West is proud to have assisted in the near nullification of our Bill of Rights. When does the hero worship stupidity end and the holding accountable to the Constitution begin for this despicable act? The silence is deafening.


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