“Pimping” Progressives Ignore Black Community

“It is a fact that for 54 years we have been voting for the Democratic Party like no other race in America. … Where we’re being pimped [politically] like prostitutes … [promised everything, but] we get nothing in return. We gotta step back now as black people and we gotta look at all the parties and vote our best interests. Barack Obama, our president, served two terms. The first black president ever, but did our condition get better? Did things get better? The condition got worse.” – Quanell X, Houston’s New Black Panther leader

“You live in poverty. Your schools are no good. You have no jobs. What the hell do you have to lose?” – Donald Trump on the black community mistakenly voting for Democrats rather than the GOP, the party of Abraham Lincoln

Ironically, the group that has suffered the most under the first black president, Barack Obama, is the black community. In one telling example, the black youth unemployment rate has been 393% higher than the national average. Even worse, his home city, nicknamed Chiraq (a combination of Chicago and Iraq), is more dangerous to his fellows than certain ISIS-controlled Middle East war zones.

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Recently, Bull’s basketball player, Dwyane Wade’s cousin, 32-year-old Nykea Aldridge, was shot to death on the south side while pushing her baby in a stroller. Comparing Chicago’s death toll to American combat fatalities in Afghanistan, Washington Times columnist Tammy Bruce brilliantly summarized:

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“In Afghanistan, from the start of the war in 2001 to August 2016, there have been 2,384 American casualties. In Chicago, since 2009 to August 2016, there have been 3,686 homicides. In other words, under President Obama’s watch, there have been 1,302 more people murdered in an American city in half the time compared to the longest war in U.S. history.”

That’s overwhelmingly black-on-black homicide. Per the Chicago Tribune, Mr. Obama has made 25 trips since becoming president—mostly for fundraising and/or pleasure—with only 7 reportedly for policy issues such as community dysfunction. That works out to one visit per year for every year this president has breathed the rarefied air of the Washington bubble. Yet, Mr. Obama’s blasé attitude is obvious. When one habitually (and frequently) vacations at millionaire playgrounds in Hawaii and Martha’s Vineyard, why should he (or first lady Michele) care about the deplorable state of an abandoned former hometown?

Of course, Barack Obama doesn’t. Beyond lip service “concern” of the rising body count, this is. Per the Free Beacon, White House spokesman Josh Earnest said, “Well, I’m not aware of any specific prescription that the president’s prepared to put forward to address the situation just in Chicago.” What other response would one expect from this tragedy-ignoring president? He remained on a two week golfing vacation while Black Lives Matter burned Milwaukee, and Baton Rouge was deluged by major flooding. The fact that both calamities disproportionately affected black populations made absolutely no difference to him. Mr. Obama made a lackadaisically late appearance to the Louisiana disaster zone. For her part, Mrs. Clinton didn’t bother to show up at all.

In the modern era, the pandered-to black community has repeatedly been duped into voting for “down with the struggle” Democrats at near 90%. These progressives purveyors of “black victimization” (read: blame “racist” whitey) show up every election cycle with closed eyes and the promise of more welfare subsistence living. (In truth, Hillary Clinton is an outspoken admirer of white supremacist icon Margaret Sanger.) Right after Election Day, Democrats do Mr. Obama’s disappearing act. Anyone who thinks otherwise is indeed a victim—of self-inflicted ignorance.

Sometimes, the light of new awareness emanates from unexpected places. If Quanell X, a Black Panther leader, acknowledges that Barack Obama has “pimped” and betrayed the black community, hopefully he will find similar courage to speak out against Mr. Obama’s more-of-the-same would-be successor. Even unpatriotic, anthem-sitting QB Colin Kaepernick has brought needed attention to Mrs. Clinton history of demonizing the black community, “You have Hillary, who has called black kids, or black teens, ‘Super-predators.’” Likewise in 1996, she said, “We need to bring them to heel.” She’s a self-obsessed elitist publicly uttering hate speech: no friend to black people—then or now.

By dumping Hillary, minorities have nothing to lose, but everything to gain. True economic and social improvement for the downtrodden will only come from the GOP—and specifically border-securing, job-creating billionaire capitalist Donald Trump.

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