Picture Me Rollin’: Against an Article V Convention

Picture yourself waking up Monday morning to see the news media proclaiming that over the weekend, Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, and Harry Reid had convened a secret meeting at Camp David to discuss how to make our government better.  With Democratic leaders and union bosses in attendance from each state, they called a “Convention for Social Justice” and drafted a new Constitution modeled after that of South Africa.  The Constitution they came up with provided for universal healthcare, guaranteed housing, a free college education, a gun-free society, food stamps, social security, a right to a job with a living wage, a limit of CEO pay to $250,000, and a subsistence stipend up to $500 per week for all who don’t earn that much.  They also made Warren Buffet General Manager of the 4th Bank of the United States, and required all published information (including that on the web) go through a government-run media syndicate known as the “Oprah Winfrey Network” (OWN.)  Finally, picture that contrary to our current Constitution, a simple majority vote carried any changes, and immediately destroyed all State boundaries, forming a country where only profit-sharing corporations were allowed, run by the unions. Any person moving into U.S. territory would never be free to leave, and would be required to make “shared responsibility payments” from their wages for the welfare of humankind.  To assure us that this was always the vision of the founders, the name of this new Utopia would be, “The United States of America.”  Pelosi would say that her Catholic faith requires it.  Reid would whisper that his Mormon faith demands no less.  Obama would say that “whatever America once was, we must be our brother’s zookeeper, so that the moral arc of the universe will keep bending toward justice.” 
Furthermore, picture FOX News and conservative talk radio celebrating their imminent takeover by OWN and talking up which celebrities will be at the upcoming inaugural ball, while the ticker at the bottom of the screen indicates that your state’s representatives just ratified the document for “you and your posterity.”  If the thought of this makes your blood boil, then you might appreciate what the sentiment of many was like in late 1787 when Americans in 13 states that had been sovereign, free, and independent the day before woke up to the news that their republic had been stolen right out from under their noses amidst a similar veil of unconstitutional hijinks.  If you’d have revolted against the “Social Justice” Utopia above to save your country, why haven’t you done the same to this government which was hijacked by no less treachery in 11 years after independence?  My inner feeling when I see this in my mind is the 2Pac song, Picture Me Rollin’.  However, when I say, “Let’s Roll,” I mean it in the sense of United Airlines Flight 93.
There is no future for conservatives in the GOP—including religious, social, and even so-called “Constitutional” conservatives.  The Tea Party saved the GOP from extinction after the Progressives won the Presidency, the House, and a filibuster-proof majority in the Senate in 2008.  In 2010, the Tea Party helped the GOP win back the House, but their heyday is over.  All that remains of the GOP is being cannibalized by Libertarians, and movements to legalize marijuana and same-sex marriage are now finding acceptance in the party which had a beginning with tea-totaling, anti-polygamy do-gooders who also sought to abolish slavery.  The GOP also gave up on Black Republicans, (having seen only 2 win election to the House in 2010, strictly in White districts—one being immediately voted out in 2012,) and has intentionally refused to reclaim its reputation as the party of emancipation.
It is in this environment that Mark Levin introduces his book, The Liberty Amendments, to push for an Article V Convention, called by the States.  Of note, I had been pushing for amendments to the Constitution since I got involved in politics, and completed a draft of about 7 by 2010.  I was attacked by most Tea Partiers who still believe that our Constitution is perfect, and that all we need to do is return to it.  There were also Libertarian-leaning radio hosts in my state pushing for an Article V Convention back then.  I called into their show, and while I was initially opposed to the idea, I said on air that after reading the Federalist Papers, I would support such a convention IF AND ONLY IF we came ARMED, ready, and willing to secede entirely if things didn’t go our way.  I don’t think these radio hosts were ready for someone speaking with manly firmness against their beloved Constitution, so we argued bitterly thereafter.  Today, Mark Levin has picked up their argument with the flaw of refusing to consider secession, and things have gone no differently.  But Mark Levin can go on a book tour, make millions of dollars getting us all to buy a sloppily-edited list of seemingly-conservative amendments,* and filling our heads with ideas that no one would listen to from the grassroots 4 years ago when it might have made a difference. 
Today, I have come to do more than support the Constitution—I support the founding.  Alan Keyes once said that he was more than a “Constitutionalist,” he was a “Declarationist.”  So am I.  I support the cause of Independence that a handful of American Patriots fought, bled, and died for.  As I studied the founding, I learned about America’s forgotten first Constitution, the Articles of Confederation and Perpetual Union (AOC,)  which unlike the current Constitution, sprang from the Revolution and preserved a truly FEDERAL government—that is a confederation of sovereign, free, and independent States.  It is a mistake to call the usurpers at the 1787 Convention “founders,” just as it is wrong to call Lincoln or FDR “founders.”  I even heard someone laud John Dickinson as a “founder,” a debatable claim since it took Dr. Thomas Burke to correct Dickinson’s draft of the AOC (which gave all power to the central government) by inserting Article 2 of the Confederation, ensuring that each state would retain “its sovereignty, freedom, and independence and every power, right, and jurisdiction not EXPRESSLY” delegated away.  

Hamilton, John Marshall, and other centralizers would weasel their way around this concept of limited government by arguing the Constitution grants “implied powers.”  Our system of government has been perverted by this illogic from almost the very start.  We lost at the 1787 Convention, not because the AOC were too weak, nor because the Nationalists made better arguments—we lost because they had increased in political power since 1776, and arranged for National and State conventions stacked with delegates of their choosing to guarantee themselves the advantage. 

According to those working with Mark Levin, understanding this little-known piece of American history makes me an enemy of the ConstitutionWhy?  Because if the 1787 Convention was illegitimate, the current Constitution was created illegally, and anyone who affirms this cannot be a friend of the Constitution.  It’s not the first time I’ve been called a “traitor.”  To quote Patrick Henry, “if this be treason, make the most of it.”  Mark Levin and his associates have hinged all their ideas on acceptance of an Article V Convention, which is completely undermined if the Constitution is invalid.  Therefore, they must discredit the foundational idea that the States were ever sovereign, free, or independent.  The big problem is, American history doesn’t agree with them.  Like most Tea Partiers, they believe that if we could just get back to the original intent of the framers of the Constitution, all would be well, but Hamilton, James Wilson, and the other big-government Nationalists demonstrate that these “framers” had evil intentions, much more in line with the Constitution of South Africa.

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* See page 75 of The Liberty Amendments, where the Taxation Amendment reaffirms the power of the federal government to directly tax individuals, and Section 4 completely invalidates Section 1.

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