Pete the Carpenter Harring on GOP Compromise

Pete Harring speaks about the compromise put forth by the MAine GOP Chair that would silence Ron Paul supporters.

Harring writes on YouTube:

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The Proposed Compromise

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1. A majority of the delegates sign a statement agreeing that, if Ron Paul is not on the ballot, they will vote at the Convention for Mitt Romney.

2. Instead of Brent Tweed, Charlie Webster or Paul LePage would serve as the spokesperson for the delegation and announce the votes cast for president. That spokesperson would also handle all media on behalf of the Maine delegation.

3. There will be nothing negative said about Mitt Romney or positive said about Obama (especially to media)

4. The Delegation will be admitted to the Convention, and to all committee assignments, without barrier.

5. The Contest brought by Jan Staples and Peter Cianchette will be withdrawn
So let me get this straight, all I have to do is agree to give up my First Amendment rights, pay no attention to the will of over 1000 fellow Republicans who voted for me to become a national delegate. And I also have to agree to forget the fact that Brent Tweed was duly elected by the delegation to be the chair.

I find this so-called compromise an insult! I am not willing to compromise in any way shape or form. We were duly elected to represent the state of Maine. Delegates from the state of Maine are not bound to vote for anyone. Like I said before, well over 1000 fellow Republicans voted for me knowing full well who I would be casting my vote for at the national convention. Now I keep getting told for the sake of the Party you have to comply, you can't rock the boat. Well you know something? There is such a thing as right and wrong!

This is simply wrong! Does Character, Integrity or Freedom mean anything today? Jan Staples and Peter Cianchette putting this contest forward, and then having the GOP proposes this compromise. Does that not show a complete lack any of that? If the image of the GOP is being hurt, it is no ones fault but their own.

The only thing that needs to be done; The delegation will be admitted to the convention, and to all committee assignments, without barrier. The contest brought by Jan staples and Pete Cianchette will be withdrawn. Those are the only acceptable outcomes. If I was to agree to their demands, how would that make me any different than that, which I am fighting?
I will not comply!
I am going to Tampa Florida!
I will be a delegate!

God Bless you all and God Bless America!

Peter R Harring
Maine National Delegate-at-large

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