The Perpetual, Pathological Lying of Barack Obama

It has come to light more times than can be counted that Obama is a liar. Many individuals in the press have said it, bloggers have said it, the average American has said it, and Allen West was attacked for saying it. Obama has been lying for his entire presidency.

barack-obama-colorObama has lied so much that over 70% of Americans think he is a liar. He has claimed more times than can be remembered “he didn’t know” or “he wasn’t aware” of a multitude of things happening in his administration, Congress and initiatives he instigated. Obama has declared himself the most uninformed President ever in the history of the country. Apparently, he has surrounded himself with the most incompetent staff ever to serve any president. Yet, these people keep their jobs, and some even get promotions.

It would be easy for me to sit here and write about his perpetual pathological lying, but some have a little difficulty with a person of my educational training disseminating information about this foolish president acting on a theory when another theory is in opposition. So, instead of my pointing out the continual lying of Obama, I’ll let Judge Jeanine do it for me. After all, she is a lawyer who certainly has training in recognizing lying.

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In this video, she very succinctly “makes her case” proving that Obama is a liar, along with a few others in government.

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So, pardon me if I don’t jump on the band wagon supporting anything associated with Obama and the government. There is no way I will play along with “Obama says” knowing the depth of deception runs deeper than has been uncovered. Pardon me if I don’t go along with throwing taxpayer money away on “ifs, ands or buts” or anything outside the enumerated powers of the branches of the government. Pardon me if I detest the hypocrisy of this current administration regarding equity of the law and equality under the law. Obama is a liar, plain and simple: a liar who supports more lies. He is the king of deception. Why would he support anything that is actually factual or honest or in the best interest of anything/anyone but himself?

America is going the way of the Costa Concordia. The passengers (taxpayers) are trying to find a life jacket (way to survive) while the crew (Congress) can’t tell you what is happening because the captain (president) is AWOL (always wailing outright lies).

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