Perfect Example of Leftist with Treasonous Tweets

Leftist with treasonous tweets is becoming the norm for today’s society

The left is an amazing subculture of people. They are classless, rank, indelicate, dishonest, and vapid. Those are their good qualities.

They firmly believe they have the correct motivation in life, the correct understanding in life, and the correct way of bringing about a law-abiding, peaceful society. They don’t.

Unfortunately, the left is made up of failures. The entire leftist community is a community of failure. They fail at having the correct motivation in life, they fail to fully understand life, and ultimately, they fail at knowing how to bring about a law-abiding peaceful society.

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The worst thing about the left is that amidst all their failures, they still fully believe they are correct. That’s the worst kind of stupidity, having people who think they know something (but know nothing) trying to lead the rest of us.

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Here’s a perfect case in point with C. Jeffrey Smith’s recent tweet about gun control:

Here, he makes the offhand remark that “all rights can be reasonably regulated” and then includes the “2A” to make sure we know he’s talking about the 2nd Amendment. What Smith doesn’t understand is the exact nature of the 2nd Amendment. Here it is:

“A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.”

The problem is that the Supreme Court has “interpreted” it one way and allowed it to be “infringed” even though the amendment itself forbids that. There is also some disagreement over what “a well regulated militia” is referring to here, but in actuality, there is ample evidence to show what that means from the Federalist Papers.

That aside, note Smith’s comment that essentially states that ALL rights can be reasonably regulated. Even if that was true (which it is not), the question though is regulated by whom? Who is going to be the individual or group that decides on the type of regulation? Is it the people in power, which right now, to some extent, is the left?

Shouldn’t it be regulated by the same document that is supposed to protect the right(s) in the first place, which would be the U.S. Constitution? Of course it should, but then people come along and decide what the Constitution actually means. Seems to me that the Constitution should be allowed to speak for and interpret itself. But for those who have questions, the Federalist Papers answer many of them.

Ask a leftist what “shall not be infringed” means with respect to the 2nd Amendment and they’ll say absolutely moronic things like “When the founders created that amendment, “assault” rifles did not exist.” They mean of course that since the dreaded “assault” rifle did not exist then, it does not fall under the auspices of the 2nd Amendment. They say it with a straight face too.

By that “reasoning” (can’t use the world “logic”) then, anything written on a computer today should not come under the protection of the 1st Amendment because computers did not exist either. That’s asinine and we know it, but it’s too much for the left to handle. Having no real answer to that, they roll their eyes and do the only thing they know how to do: call you a few choice names as if that makes their point. The only point it makes is that they are unfortunately too unbalanced to address issues head on and admit when they’re defeated.

Bill of Rights are fine as they are - leave them alone!
The Bill of Rights are fine as they are – leave them alone!
While the Constitution is not a perfect document, it has done very well for roughly 200 years (I’ll let Sheila Jackson Lee continue to believe it’s 400 years) in guiding this country. Unfortunately, the left started getting hold of the power structures in this country and allowed them to whittle away at the Constitution. It has gotten to the point where people like C. Jeffrey Smith above can make treasonous statements and no one bats an eye. I do.

I don’t want the amendments to be “regulated” because they speak for themselves. Most regulation is done under the umbrella of political correctness, which as most know, is simply using emotional virtue to decide what is right. That’s not the way it should work because emotional virtue is always changing.

I’m really tired of the left. I’m also really tired of the right caving into the left because the left gets obnoxiously loud, lies and misrepresents. If that continues, the right might as well shut up and go away.

I, for one, am not willing to do that. Truth is worth fighting for and it’s worth pointing out that the left is made up of liars. They base their ideology on a lie and they live a lie. The shifting, sifting sands upon which they have built their house will one day cave in and I will be proud to know that I stood against their falsehoods.

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