People are Angry that Donald Trump is Even Considering Mitt Romney for Secretary of State

So, with an "anti-establishment" Donald Trump going into office in January, many are wondering why so many establishment people are going along with him. Consider this recent Hannity show on Fox News where Sean Hannity, who supported Mitt Romney in 2012, questioned why Romney was even being considered for Secretary of State.

Hannity was befuddled that Trump would consider the man who craved his endorsement in 2012, but then tried to sabotage his campaign in 2016 for the position that Hillary Clinton once held. Instead, Romney threw his backing behind constitutionally ineligible Ted Cruz.

Take a look.

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"My email has been blowing up over the speculation that Governor Mitt Romney met with Donald Trump and might get the Secretary of State position and a lot of people are beyond mystified considering all the horrible things in the effort he helped lead to smear and hurt Donald Trump," Hannity told Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway.

"Also, a lot of people are asking me, what are you going to do (referring to Conway)," he added. "Can you comment on both of those things?"

While Conway is being considered for a big position in the Trump administration, whatever that ends up being, she did attempt an answer.

"In terms of Governor Romney, I think the Secretary of State position is such that, and all the cabinet positions, you have to be qualified and capable, number one," she said. "Number two, you have to be loyal to what President-elect Trump has said his vision of the world and his agenda is for the first 100 days."

Hannity then hit back asking, "So if you call him a fraud and a huckster and whatever else,… remember that speech he gave," Hannity said. "It was horrible. Just awful."

Conway shrugged it off and appealed to "never Trumpers" who got onboard with Trump once he became the nominee. This was largely because many simply abandoned their principles because they feared Hillary Clinton.

She did say that while one "never Trumper" in the cabinet might be ok, she "politely" suggested that there not be 4, 5 or 6 of them in those positions.

"At the same time, Donald Trump is a man who commands loyalty and shows loyalty to those around him," she said. "But he's mostly loyal to the American people and the ideas that he ran on."

Previous wives might take a different position on the issue of loyalty than what Conway is presenting. However, we are all going to see just how loyal the man is once he is in office.

Hannity then responded, "Well, my email is running about 100 to 1 against… and people are mad about that he's even considering it."

I can understand their frustration. I wonder what the position is on Reince Priebus being considered as a part of the administration or how the response was over Chris Christie? Talk about establishment!

One person I did read comments about that many would support as head of the FBI is Sheriff Joe Arpaio. Many people believe he would be an excellent suggestion for the position to replace James Comey.

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