Pennsylvania County Resists Atheist Bullying

For years, we have been subjected to the idea of freedom of religion, which actually is not that at all. We once lived in a country that understood its founding documents. Now, we live in a land that is overrun by ignorance.

This has led to the attacks levied against civil and state symbols. Symbols are denigrated and removed because of perception rather than intent. And worse, the document meant to protect the states from federal intrusion is now being used to bring them to conformity.

Christian News reports:

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The Wisconsin-based Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF) filed the legal challenge on Monday and is seeking a declaration that its inclusion on the county seal is unconstitutional.

“Lehigh County is not a Christian county, it should be equally welcoming to all its citizens regardless of their religion or their reject of religion,” said Co-Founder Annie Laurie Gaylor in a statement.

The fact that such childish understandings as this of our founding documents are held forth as legal thinking is sad. This is an example of bad reader comprehension at best. Most likely, this sorry woman has a more nefarious intent to her misuse of our Constitution.

As I have reported, the Establishment Clause is a statement about the limits of the federal and not the state government. There is nothing that says that a county, city, or state cannot have religious symbols.

And I am glad to report that the county is not caving to this silliness.

Christina New continues:

“It is the position of Lehigh County that the presence of the cross on the seal among all the other items of historical significance has the secular purpose of recognizing the history of the county,” the reply stated. “As such it does not violate the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment. Accordingly, the county is not planning on removing the cross from the seal.”

May God grant them the strength they need to succeed.

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