Pelosi: ‘It’s Not A Tax, It’s A taaa…Penalty’

Well after Sarah Palin called Nancy Pelosi a dingbat the other day, Pelosi has continued to live up to that epitaph. On “Meet the Press” with David Gregory over the weekend, Pelosi once again was out front attempting to lie to the American people. She was pressed on the issue that the Supreme Court had ruled Obamacare as Constitutional, not on the basis of the commerce clause, but existing under Congress’ power to tax.

When asked about this issue of the individual mandate being a tax and it being a difficulty to sell it like that when it was never proposed as a tax to the American people, Pelosi avoided the use of the term ‘tax’. “Well, who is the penalty on?” She queried. The penalty is on people who have the wherewithal but refuse to buy health insurance figuring they won’t be sick and if they do other people will have to cover it. so these free riders, as they were identified by governor romney himself, said people have the ability to pay and don’t can’t expect to be free riders. and i think that he tailored it exactly right. these fry riders make health insurance for those who are taking responsibility, making it more expensive. personal responsibility is a principle of our country. conservatives claim it. progressives claim it. liberals claim it.”

Gregory chimed in at this point to remind Pelosi, “It was a matter of political discourse, you know that. The president’s solicitor general went into the Supreme Court and said this is constitutional under the taxing authority of Congress.”

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Pelosi affirmed Gregory’s statement, “That’s right.”

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But David Gregory was not ready to concede that she was telling the truth and said, “That’s not how it was sold to the American people.”

Nancy Pelosi sought to clarify, which only further muddied the waters when she said, “It’s a penalty. It’s a penalty that comes under the tax code for the 1% (an obvious occupy reference) perhaps of the population who may decide that they’re going to be free riders, but most people are not affected by that.” Apparently Ms. Pelosi is not aware of real economics and taxes here, which she could learn from Wall Street Journal economist Stephen Moore.

“But it’s a tax on the American people,” Gregory shot back.

“No. No. No. No” Pelosi chided. “It’s a taaaa, It’s a penalty for free riders. But since you’re bringing up the subject, it’s important to note the middle-income families will get about $4,000 in tax breaks and tax credits in order to have their health insurance, to buy their health insurance. so middle-income families make out very well in this. businesses get tax credits to provide health insurance for their workers. so what we’re saying is is those who take responsibility get the protections of this bill. those who want to be free riders have to pay — they either have to take responsibility and buy insurance, and there are many ways for them to do it, or they get a penalty, and the penalty, yes, it is charged under the tax code. it could come any other place, but it’s under the tax code. and the tax code is the place where the federal government has all the constitutional authority to act as the court said.”

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