‘Peaceful’ Mullahs To Add 34 New Iranian Nuclear Sites

Iran just wants a “peaceful, civilian” nuclear program. Interestingly, that in this pursuit of a “peaceful program,” 34 new Iranian nuclear sites have been designated. With the aid of principal ally Russia, Iran is just mere moments away from joining the nuclear club, if they haven’t already. All the stalling tactics by mad Mullahs of Tehran have worked. The world has failed in stopping a dangerous and reckless regime from getting nuclear weapons, and now it’s too late.

Iran NuclearIranian nuclear sites are multiplying rapidly, like a viral plague. How close is Iran to having the bomb? The Institute for Science and International Security (ISIS) is saying Iran could have a nuclear bomb in as little as a month, or less. There is not a more frightening scenario than that of a nuclear armed Iran in the Middle East.

Israel’s security would be directly threatened by a regime that wishes the Jewish state’s complete annihilation, and Israel would be forced to take out Iran’s nuclear sites alone, since the United States cannot help. While the Obama Administration is too tied up with other self-created disasters, and aiding Sunni Muslim regimes, they have little time to mess with Israel, or worry too much about Iran.

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Enter Russia, the Middle East power player and ally to Iran and Syria. Prime Minister Vladimir Putin schooled President Obama in the recent Syria debacle. Retreating with his tail between his legs, Obama was made a fool by Putin, and with reason, because he is the definition of weakness. So enter a strengthened, confident Russian Bear into Middle East geopolitical scheme, and Iran will emerge with a nuclear bomb.

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Iran plans to build many new nuclear plants with atomic reactors along its coastlines with the Persian Gulf and Caspian Sea, Iran’s top nuclear official announced on Thursday. Tehran will build “enough atomic reactors to generate a total of 20,000 megawatts of electricity by 2020,” according to the country’s state-run Fars News Agency.

ShowImage.ashxShia Iran aims to destabilize the whole region, along with its partner Syria. President Barack Hussein Obama, in his Sunni support, failed to bomb Bashar al Assad’s Shia/Alawite Syrian regime after it’s “chemical weapons” debacle. Putin called his bluff and pounced on him like a panther would squash a baby mouse. Game over. Now, Iran sets out to build more nuclear sites openly and without fear from U.S. intervention.

Iran also announced that it was China’s largest oil supplier in the month of September.

We are considering construction of power plants along the coasts of the Persian Gulf and the Caspian Sea as well as the Central parts of Iran, but priority is given to the Persian Gulf coasts because we want to pave the way for [the construction of] water desalination facilities to supply drinking water for the Southern provinces of Iran,” Ali Akbar Salehi, the head of Iran’s Atomic Energy Organization (IAEO),  said Tuesday Fars reported.

Obama’s new-found phone friendship with “moderate” Iranian President Hassan Rouhani, after 34 years of not talking to the Iranians, is a joke. Rouhani is even more dangerous than Mahmoud Ahmadinejad because he appears cooperative. Ahmadinejad was a raving mad man. Rouhani is a quiet mad Mullah, and thus far more capable of inflicting pain and imminent destruction.

At least 34 sites have already been designated for future nuclear power plants, according to Fars. “We had a meeting [with Russians] at the beginning of this week regarding the signing of a protocol on the construction of the next power plant,” Salehi told Fars in Persian last week. “Once this protocol is prepared, Russia will start the constructing of another power pant in Bushehr.”

The castrated Obama Administration is too stupid and too powerless to do anything about Iran’s latest announcement. With Russia’s direct aid and demonstrating that they are the clear power broker, the U.S. has been iced out. Even worse, the U.S. is the laughingstock of the entire region, not to mention the entire world.

The United States is weak and powerless, but by design. This is the goal of the Obama Administration. Barack Obama aims to destroy the credibility of the United States, as well as America’s long standing relationship and strategic partnership with Israel.

Russia and Iran are already cooperating on security issues in different regions. Both countries share important interests. They want to strengthen security in these nearby regions and prevent extremist groups from taking over power in Afghanistan, Syria and other nations.

 “Once the West is “assured” that Iran’s nuclear program is “peaceful,” the “sanctions would be totally lifted,” Abbas Araqchi claimed.

Iran couldn’t be more of a threat. They are Israel’s mortal enemy, and they make no bones about it. Given Russia’s strategic alliance with both Iran and Syria, the Middle East gets more convoluted. The U.S. is out. Israel will be forced to save itself from Iran. But surely the peaceful Mullah’s don’t really want to wipe Israel off the map in the biggest jihad the world’s ever seen? Maybe they really do just want electricity.

This is the most serious security threat in the world right now. And sadly, Israel will be forced to take action without the aid or support from anyone else. Israel might get lip service from other Sunnis that the Iranian threat needs to be dealt with, but make no mistake, every Muslim nation hates Israel. So, no matter what happens, Israel will take the heat.

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