Peace proposal: Israeli Spy Jonathan Pollard in Exchange for Hundreds of Palestinian Prisoners?

Another round of “peace talks,” and another proposal has been given where Israel has to give everything, while the “Palestinian” Muslims take. In the new proposal, pushed forcefully by Secretary of State John Kerry, Israeli spy Jonathan Pollard, in prison for spying on the U.S. for Israel, could be released. In exchange for his release, Israel would be forced to release hundreds of Palestinian prisoners. Not only this, but Israel will be forced to freeze settlements. The formula never changes, and the concessions Israel is “forced” to agree to are egregious. Shame on the United States government for trying to force another disastrous deal on Israel. One Israeli released for hundreds of Muslim terrorists. It’s suicidal, and it will never work. Israel gives and their Islamic neighbors take, never having to concede that their goals are anything less than eliminating the Jewish state.

How is an agreement possible for the Jewish state when their “neighbor” will not recognize their right to exist? This is the unanswerable question, but one that does not impede hasty politicians from forcing their hand, and shoving an “agreement” down the throats of Israel. Enter John Kerry, the same man who threatened Israel with a “third intifada” in November 2013, if they did not cooperate and accept his one-sided and hostile peace proposal. But as of April 1, 2014, another deal has been proposed, with Israeli spy Jonathan Pollard attached to it. This is taking a wrecked car, painting it, and passing it off as “new.”

A tripartite deal between the US, Israel and the Palestinians which would see Israeli spy Jonathan Pollard freed in exchange for a partial settlement construction freeze and the release of hundreds of Palestinian prisoners was nearing completion on Tuesday afternoon, officials said.

Under the proposed deal peace, talks between Israel and the Palestinians would be extended into 2015 and Pollard would be released in the next two weeks, a source close to the talks said.

Israel would also commit to put an unofficial moratorium on settlement building for the next eight months under the agreement, though it would not extend to East Jerusalem.

000_Nic6312914-e1396360823409-635x357Israeli spy Jonathan Pollard could see his release as soon as Passover, which starts on April 14, 2014. Jonathon Pollard was convicted of spying for Israel in 1987, and is serving a life sentence in the United States. This is the only proposal that moves in Israel’s favor, the only concession they will get.

Israel did not accept the Palestinian demand for total and complete settlement freeze but agreed to adopt a policy of restraint concerning government tenders” in the West Bank, the source told The Times of Israel.

Under the terms, Israel will soon release the last 27 prisoners from the 104 agreed to when peace talks began in July.

In addition, another 400 low-level prisoners, not convicted of violent crimes, would be set free. This group would include women, children and inmates with only a few months of incarceration left, the source said.

The release of the last 27 Islamic terrorist murderers back into society is terrifying, not to mention the 400 low level prisoners. This is akin to releasing 27 death row inmates in exchange for one spy. Israel has to make every sacrifice, while “Palestinian” thugs simply demand. On March 14, 2014, Mahmoud Abbas said he would never recognize Israel “as the homeland of the Jewish people.” The Islamic terrorist sympathizing Obama Administration will not force this issue. If the Palestinian Authority chooses not to recognize Israel, they don’t have to. No questions asked. But a “peace deal” is still forced, by those who aid and abet the enemy.

Israeli spy Jonathan Pollard’s case has become a rallying cry in Israel, where leaders say his lengthy prison sentence amounts to excessive punishment when compared to other U.S. espionage cases. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who once visited Pollard in prison when he was out of politics, and other Israeli leaders have routinely pressed President Barack Obama and other U.S. presidents for his pardon or release.

Deputy Defense Minister Danny Danon (Likud), meanwhile, said the price Israel was asked to pay in exchange for Pollard’s release was too high.

We all want to see Pollard come home, but not at the cost of a wholesale release of terrorists, for which we will shed lots of blood in the future,” Danon said. He told Israel Radio Tuesday he would quit the government if Israel went ahead with the deal, even with Pollard thrown in.

The price is always too high for Israel. This is another deal with the devil for the state of Israel. As the whole world seeks to destroy Israel, the very people working to secure her peace are the state’s own worst enemy. Disaster looms because Islamists will never recognize Israel’s right to exist. The only way this deal will work is if the “Palestinians” annihilate Israel with no strings attached, while the rest of the world watches. Regardless, Israel is alone, surrounded by her enemies.

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