Pete Santilli, who is live on the ground in Burns, Oregon, can be seen bullhorning the FBI Compound with a speech that needs to be heard around the world. God Bless America and thank you Mr. Santilli for all you are doing to ensure the MSM lies are exposed as they propagandize the American public.

WARNING: Language

Declaration of Independence

STAY HERE FOR LIVE UPDATES and on the ground coverage with Pete Santilli on the Constitutional Crisis in Burns Oregon at The Malheur Wildlife Preserve. Pete is the only reporter with exclusive full time access to the Bundy family and Patriots who say they have had enough and are willing to risk it all to free Oregon land from BLM & Federal control.

Source: Before It's News

May God continue to shine his light in the darkness of oppression. May Jesus protect those that stand in the face of tyranny with the strongest weapon of all, the sword of the spirit and voices raised in unity for truth. We stand with our neighbors in Burns, Oregon, we have heard your cries, and we are stepping up from across the nation to help and ensure your story is told. May God Bless you all.

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