Parrot May Have Been Last Witness In Michigan Man's Murder

A 49-year-old Michigan woman was found guilty of murdering her husband and was sentenced to life in prison on Monday.

The 2015 shooting of 46-year-old Martin Duram by Glenna Duram may have had only one witness, Martin's pet parrot, Bud.

After shooting Martin, Glenna turned the gun on herself and fired in an attempted suicide.

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She survived, suffering a head wound.

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However, according to Duram's ex-wife, Christina Keller, Bud may have been the witness to the shooting and mimicked Martin's last words.

"Don't f***ing shoot," Bud repeated over and over after the shooting Keller told Fox 17.

Keller, who took custody of Bud after Duram's death, believes those words are some of the last words, if no the last words uttered by her ex-husband, and that the parrot was simply repeating them from the couple's final argument.

“Bud was mine and Marty’s parrot when we were married,” Keller said. “He ended up keeping Bud for the 15 years we have not been married.”

“Two weeks after the incident, Bud started going into rants I couldn’t explain. Screaming, yelling and always ending with ‘don’t f---ing shoot,’” Keller added. “I believe with all my heart those are pretty close to the last words of Marty.”

Keller isn't the only one that believes the bird was a witness to the murder.  Duram’s parents also believe Bud witnessed the shooting.

“That bird picks up everything and anything, and it’s got the filthiest mouth around,” Martin's mother, Lillian, told the BBC.

A Michigan prosecutor was attempting to use the bird's words as evidence in the case, but the judge would not allow it since the bird could not actually testify.

Ms. Duram's attorney is planning to appeal the life sentence.

While it's almost comical that a bird would be used in such a fashion, what is sad about this is that a life sentence will not be justice for Ms. Duram, but the death penalty would, and no one should be complaining about that since the woman was obviously trying to take her own life after committing the murder.

"... and be sure your sin will find you out." -Numbers 32:23


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