Parody Reflects Gruesome Possibility Should Legalized Murder Of Infants Take Hold

After fuming over New York’s new baby murder law, the baby murder law proposed in Virginia, and Virginia’s Governor Northam supporting infanticide, a parody/satire of these atrocious laws and stance by Democrats, anti-constitutionalists, and the immoral population gave a well-needed laugh as well as speaking to a potential gruesome truth should the “party of death”, aka extreme view Democrats, consolidate power while many constitutionalists, Christians, conservatives and Republicans slink into the shadows.

The Babylon Bee parody/satire follows:

A new law proposed by representatives in the Virginia state legislature would allow parents to abort their non-viable millennial children.

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“Any child who’s 30 years old and still living with their parents is obviously a non-viable life form, and that’s between the parents and their doctor to discuss options,” said one representative defending the bill in the assembly. “The millennial can be kept comfortable in the basement while the mother decides if she wants to keep them. But that’s between her and her doctor.”

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“Her basement, her choice,” he added.

Medical professionals can use early detection methods to try to spot signs of non-viability in the millennial’s development, like getting a useless college degree, eating quinoa and avocado toast, and wearing a man bun. But sometimes, parents just aren’t sure until very late in gestation, like by the time they are 30 or 35 years old and still haven’t gotten a job.

“At that point it’s a humane option,” a medical doctor who has performed dozens of millennial abortions said. “It’s a quality of life issue, not an issue of morality or murder.”

While hilarious, it points to a dark and gruesome path this country could travel should the acceptance of immoral legalized infanticide by medical professionals under hire by infants’ mothers gain traction.  It would plunge this country further into the darkness we have already entered.

A number of Democratic Party members and supporters have devolved into becoming the Nazi Party led by Adolf Hitler in 1930s to 1940s Germany.  Before anyone who is a Democrat or Democratic Party supporter becomes unhinged, the qualifier “a number” was used.  If you are not part of that movement, get a hold on your offensiveness.  If you are still a Democrat and/or supporter of the Democrat Party after the callous passage of these laws, you might want to rethink your position.  Why?  Because the Nazi Party of Adolf Hitler started as a small group which grew to take over the entire country of Germany, while courting the people with many benefits as he decimated populations in the nation, caused family members to turn against one another, murdered the Nazi opposition, and used intimidation and fear tactics to keep silent anyone who dared speak out in opposition.

Ask yourself how religious leaders could remain silent while the Nazis violated God’s laws and a standard of moral behavior;  then, help many of these criminals escape justice?  They feared for their own life more than they served God and Jesus Christ or held a standard of moral behavior.

There are many similarities between the extreme anti-constitutionalist Democrats and Hitler’s Nazi Party.  Make no mistake, some Republicans fall into these similarities as well.

  1. Just as Hitler courted Muslims to engage in killing of the Jews and infidels, today’s Democrats align with Muslims to silence those who speak out against the atrocities of that false religion by calling the opposition racist, Islamophobic, white supremacists, isolationists, and populists.
  2. Just as Hitler promoted and supported murder of “undesirables” that included infants, the physically and mentally infirmed, non-German populations, sodomites, and the elderly, today’s Democrats are floating the immoral legalization of infanticide – to start.
  3. Hitler’s Nazi Party promoted the sterilization of millions of women because those women were determined to be unfit to bear children because of Nazi supremacy – the women were believed to have traits or other “defects” that should not be subject to reproduce in infants. Democrats, as well as some Republicans, support Planned Parenthood, which was started by Margaret Sanger who believed that certain populations should not reproduce and large families should be allowed to kill infants for the “good of the rest of the family.”
  4. Just as Hitler’s Third Reich dictated the everyday lives of Germany’s population, so the Democrats, as well as some Republicans, believe the US government should dictate every facet of an American citizen’s life.
  5. Hitler’s Third Reich promised the German people many “perks” and benefits at the State’s expense in exchange for loyalty to the “party”. Today’s Democrats are campaigning on free college education, “healthcare for all” (which we already have, it’s just mandatory insurance), and robbing from the rich, whom they claim obtained their money from robbing the poor, through exorbitant taxes to pay for all the “perks” and benefits in exchange for loyalty to the party.
  6. Germany’s Third Reich sent dissenters to re-education camps and provided extensive, intensive education into the Nazi ideology to its citizens – remember the Hitler Youth and Hitler Maidens. Today’s college campuses are hotbeds of extreme anti-constitutionalist Democratic socialist/communist ideology intended to brainwash attendees into supporting a platform that denies freedom and liberty to everyone.

There is plenty more to the list;  but, one should get the point by now.  The Democratic Party is now led by extremist anti-constitutionalists such as Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer and Barack Hussein Obama Soetoro Soebarkah who are embracing the ideology of Alexandria Ocasio Cortez in order to remain relevant.  Even the head of the Democratic National Convention, Tom Perez, stated that AOC was the future of the Democratic Party.  Let that sink in and remember what happened in Nazi Germany and Stalin’s Soviet Union.

Democrats are more upset about Virginia’s governor being photographed in blackface standing with an individual dressed in KKK garb while in medical school than his stance on murdering newly born infants.  Many are calling for his resignation over the hint of racism more than his advocating murder of helpless, defenseless children.  Just like Hitler, their priorities are bass ackwards.

Long after WWII, it was determined Hitler suffered from multiple mental illnesses as well as addiction to several drugs administered by his physician.  Unfortunately, that is not the case with members of the Democratic Party who flip-flop their stance in order to remain relevant and keep their elected positions through courting the extremists with every imaginable anti-constitutional tenet.  Those voters who have elected the likes of Tlaib, Omar, AOC, Kamala Harris, Corey Booker, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, and a host of others who are espousing extremist views are nothing more than secret Nazi Party platform supporters.

Die-hard Democrats and the willfully ignorant voting population need to quit parroting what they hear, stop letting others think for them and begin to think for themselves.  Don’t think that what has happened in other countries cannot happen here – it can.  In fact, it’s closer than you think.  For when an established morality of murder is wrong becomes murder is acceptable in certain circumstances, it isn’t long before those circumstances expand to include anyone who dares to espouse a differing opinion.

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