Why Do Parents of Public School Kids Put Up With These Crappy School Lunches?

The American people pay property taxes that go to our nation’s public schools. There are laws in place that require those schools to supply the students with a school lunch. One of the largest federal funding streams that schools get every year is specifically to provide food to the kids.

So, pray tell, what the hell is this crap?


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Darrel Bunch, a senior at Haskell High School in Oklahoma, took the pictures above and sent them to Fox 23. I think that second one is supposed to be a breadstick?

How does that constitute the “healthy” school lunch Michelle Obama says America’s children need to thrive and excel academically?

Last flashback to what Michelle Obama had to say at her address to the National Restaurant Association Meeting September 13, 2010:

“We can make a commitment to promote vegetables and fruits and whole grains on every part of every menu. We can make portion sizes smaller and emphasize quality over quantity. And we can help create a culture — imagine this — where our kids ask for healthy options instead of resisting them.”

Yes, imagine that. Who could resist such a tantalizing lunch as shown above? Imagine that, take a look at that lunch tray again and read this from Fox 23‘s report:

FOX23 asked Haskell Superintendent Sharon Herrington for an interview, but she would not go on camera.

She did talk to Linn [the Fox 23 reporter] over the phone. Herrington told FOX23 the photos sent to the station do not tell the whole story.

At lunch, students are offered five items. They must take three, and one must be a fruit or vegetable.

But students told Linn there are no choices, when it comes to fruit.

Officials said on Tuesday, the day the bread stick and marinara meal was served; they were also given a banana. They also said the salad bar only offers iceberg lettuce, cucumbers, and broccoli, and it’s not fresh.

FOX23 wanted to go inside and view the salad bar, but officials did not allow it.

Hm. They wouldn’t even let the reporter into the cafeteria. Something to hide much?

So the kids take three items and thus the lunch counts as healthy? Sounds like a stupid rule concocted by stupid government bureaucrats. Guess that’s why over a million children have officially stopped getting into school lunch lines across the country in the first place.

How many more stories like this are we going to see? How much worse is this situation going to get?

By the way, do you think the First Lady eats that stuff?


No. Obviously, she doesn’t eat that stuff.

Do you think the Obama daughters eat that stuff?

Let’s see what a typical daily menu and the lunch itself looks like at their fancy private school:

Snack: Grapes & Cheese
Chilled Blueberry Soup
Lentil, Beet & Orange Salad
All Natural Meatball Subs
Margherita Orzo
Farmer’s Market Vegetable
Baked Potato Wedges
Farmer’s Market Peaches


Picture of a lunch served to the students at Sidwell Friends private school attended by the Obama girls.

Looks like something I might pay $15 or $20 for at an upscale cafe.

No. Obviously, they don’t eat that stuff.

The hypocrisy is absolutely stunning.

Like Daisy Luther over at The Organic Prepper said, “I’m starting to understand why all of those peasants in France got so ticked off at Marie Antoinette.”

Also, parents, please remember that if your lunch prepared at home doesn’t meet Michelle’s magical healthy lunch guidelines that allow the school to pass off the highly processed random mystery meat patty and paltry scoop of… are those even real potatoes or just those chemical-laden potato flakes?… shown above as a lunch, well then, your child could get that lunch confiscated.

They could be forced to eat the school fare. And you’ll be billed full price for it.

It’s happened all over the place. Some schools are even requiring doctors notes for public school children to be allowed the privilege to bring their own lunch (read: real food) from home.

Beyond that, schools all over the country are actually throwing a child’s crappy food out in the garbage rather than give it to them if they are behind even a few measly cents on their lunch accounts! That’s right. On top of the fact that people pay school taxes, there are laws in place requiring schools feed children, and that food is super subsidized anyway, schools are actually instituting “no pay, no food” policies on small children who barely know what money is or how it works because of their crappy education!

Via Truthstream Media:

That’s right. When a student can’t afford to pay for the government-subsidized tripe our education facilities pass off to our kids as food, or if they are even short a few measly cents in some cases, these children have to stand there hungry and watch in humiliation as the school employees throw their food in the garbage!

The schools aren’t billing the parents and giving the student this food which they are apparently just going to completely waste by tossing it in the trash anyway. Nope. Because that might, you know, make at least a modicum of sense.

Schools all over the nation are instituting “no pay, no food” policies. A handful may at least give a child some milk or a piece of fruit or bread, you know, the kind of meal that really lends itself to high academic achievement.

We’re not talking about accounts that are hundreds of bucks in arrears here, either. For example, a 12-year-old boy’s breakfast was thrown in the trash right in front of him at his Dickinson, Texas middle school because his account was short a whopping .30 whole cents. The breakfast itself, which was tossed in the garbage so it just went to waste anyway cost $1.25! Remember all those starving children in Africa?

This is the same federal government that will force-feed the prisoners at GITMO when they want to fast during Ramadan, yet the government education centers we call schools will throw away food that is already there, already cooked, already paid for, right in front of a hungry child.

There’s no point in arguing that schools are in the right on that one, either. The federally funded school lunch program became permanent in 1946 under the National School Lunch Act. America’s public schools already receive a host of food commodities for school lunches from the USDA for free and taxpayer funds to provide students with food — it’s one of the largest federal funding streams doled out to schools in this country each and every year. The money is there. The school gets the food and funds whether the child eats or not!

What our schools are doing to our children in cafeterias across the nation — our children, you know, our nation’s future — is almost worse than what they are doing in the classrooms by dumbing them down with the tripe that passes for education these days. (Common core brainwashing, anyone?)

Why the whole country isn’t pulling all our kids out of these schools in one false swoop at the utter travesty which is the paltry lunches and poor education our children receive day in and day out in this country is just one more obvious piece of evidence that we’re a nation of slaves in one giant economic concentration camp.


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