Parents Outraged Over Class on Constitution Offered at School Using No Taxes

This kind of thing simply proves that people who think they know what they’re talking about, wind up proving they don’t. The issue that has numerous parents up in arms is that one school is going to be offering a class on The Constitution. What’s wrong with that, you might ask? Nothing, except for the fact that during the class, “religion” may be mentioned. Uh…oh, I’m telling!

The reality though is that what will be taught will be what the U.S. Constitution says about various things, including religion, and the instructors will simply be pointing out that Christians not only have the right to be involved in civic affairs, but should take advantage of that right.

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But the parents who are offended are also making erroneous assumptions. Gee, that’s never happened before. They have a problem with the fact that they believe public money is being used for the class. In fact, a $35 registration fee is being assessed and the instructors are not being paid. The use of the classroom for the class is being provided by the school district during the summer when the classroom would not be used anyway. The 12-week class will be taking place “an affluent Ohio suburb between Dayton and Cincinnati.”

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One parent noted, “I googled some of the names — some of the groups that are teaching the classes — and of course my assumptions were correct in finding out it was a religion-based class.” No, it’s not a religion-based class just because some of the instructors openly embrace Christianity. The truth is that the class is not mandatory. It is strictly voluntary and as stated, the student must pay a registration fee. The class is not being offered district or school wide. It is simply being made available to those who want to take it.

Another parent intoned, “The fact that we’re using public resources for something that is clearly promoting a political and religious agenda that appears to be unconstitutional as well as a waste of taxpayer dollars is unconscionable.” There is absolutely nothing wrong with offering the class at all on a high school campus, no more than it is “unconscionable” that churches meet on these same school campuses for worship.

I have to wonder why these parents are not objecting to the illegal use of public funds to turn part of a parking garage at San Francisco Airport into a prayer area for Muslims? Why are they not condemning Bloomberg’s use of public funds for his Mayors Against Gun Violence, which is nothing but a thinly veiled attempt to shut down the 2nd Amendment?

The U.S. Constitution references religion. It doesn’t teach religion or religious tenets. These parents apparently believe that the class is going to be instruction in religion, which simply proves they have no clue at all about what the Constitution says and the reason why this class it taught.

One of the instructors – David Barton – is questionable, as far as I’m concerned. He has allegedly twisted a few historical facts here and there with some of the books he’s written and if memory serves, another of his books has been pulled because of the way he presents “facts” related to our founding fathers.

It really shouldn’t matter which group teaches people (or students) about the U.S. Constitution, as long as it’s taught. These same parents who find it objectionable or unconscionable to teach this course because religion is associated with it simply fail to understand the content of the Constitution itself. As one article notes, “it would be difficult to imagine how one could teach this voluntary, non-tax funded course without bringing up religion.”

The class is voluntary. Students would be required to pay a $35 registration fee. Instructors are volunteering their time. They would be using a classroom that would be empty during that time anyway. No taxpayer dollars would be used or “wasted” for this class.

There is all sorts of waste going on in today’s society and most of it stems from the federal government. In California, tax dollars are being used to teach students about Obamacare so that they can in turn become salesman to their parents. That, to me, is unconscionable. Why should this be happening?

On one hand, students are going to be used to sell Marxism to their parents, on the taxpayer dime. On the other hand, we have a few outraged parents upset that a U.S. Constitution class is being offered to students for a fee and no tax dollars are being utilized. What is wrong with this picture?

What is truly amazing is how myopic some adults can be. “Professing themselves wise, they become fools,” (Romans 1:22). It’s amazing how often this one verse applies to so many individuals and situations.

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