The Result Of Barack Obama’s Support For Muslim Savages

We are now past the midway mark of Obama’s authoritarian presidency. It is hard to point to any one single failure (foreign or domestic) of Obama’s as the absolute most damaging, because his vow to “transform” America has resulted in myriad failures, including a number that are catastrophic. That’s not sarcasm or hyperbole; it’s a terrible reality that we (and our children) will have to live with.

His latest failure is manifest in the closing of our embassies all over the Muslim world. After 21 U.S. embassies and consulates all over the Muslim world were closed Sunday because of an anticipated major jihad attack, it was announced that many of them would remain closed this week, until Aug. 10. And be sure they will prolong the closure in increments.

A senior U.S. official explained to ABC News that al-Qaida jihadists were planning a calamitous jihad attack, one that was “going to be big” and “strategically significant.”

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Whatever these Muslim savages in al-Qaida and other jihad groups are planning in their next big assault on the U.S., the one thing they are not worried about is what Barack Obama may or may not do. He’s a spineless weak sister, and they know it.

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How they must laugh at us. They chatter – we close our embassies in the Muslim world. Boom. That’s all it takes. They succeeded in terrorizing us without so much as firing a shot.

Obama’s failures are so many it is impossible to enumerate them all in one column. There was the jihad massacre in Benghazi and the subsequent cover-up. We still don’t know the full story of what happened there and why, and it’s possible we never will. What is the Obama administration hiding? Is it just running arms to al-Qaida in Syria? Obama has been aiding and abetting al-Qaida in Libya and the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, so why go to such extraordinary lengths to cover this up? Obama supports savages – it is the hallmark of Obama’s foreign policy. So what is the big secret? What is the Obama administration hiding? There is more. Much more – and it must be very, very bad.

But his failures don’t end with Benghazi. There was Obama’s backing of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and his backing of jihadists in Libya and Syria. There was Fast and Furious, socialized medicine (which he is imposing unilaterally), death panels and IRS persecution programs. Obama abandoned our allies in Eastern Europe, as well as Israel and Honduras.

The list goes on. There was the NSA surveillance program on millions of non-jihadist Americans and the scrubbing of any mention of jihad and Islam from all counterterror training materials. Now the FBI is pressuring Internet providers to put surveillance software in place to make it easier for them to spy on Americans. Twitter is bowing to government demands to block messages they dislike. Obama’s out-of-control Justice Department is even demanding oversight of Apple’s iTunes Store, as government agencies are racing to get their hands on the data the NSA has collected on ordinary Americans.

But there is one failure that has caused and will cause more damage and waste more blood and treasure than all of them (though some others are consequences of this epic fail): Obama’s outreach to the Muslim world. At the dawn of the Obama presidency, the very first interview he gave was to the Muslim world, on Al Arabiya television. He followed up with a submission tour of Muslim countries, crowning this with a speech to the Muslim world from Cairo, at Al Azhar university. Usurping Mubarak, Obama invited the Muslim Brotherhood to that speech, despite the fact that the Brotherhood had been banned in Egypt for decades.

Obama’s foreign and domestic policy was in submission to Islamic supremacism. This was made clear by his appointments of the venomously anti-Israel Samantha Power to be U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, the even more anti-Israel Chuck Hagel to be secretary of defense, the hopelessly compromised Muslim Brotherhood stooge John Brennan to be director of the CIA and other, similar appointments. Obama has focused the Justice Department on securing special accommodations for Muslims in schools and workplaces, in defiance of the principle of equal treatment of all people. And internationally, his turning over American allies to their executioners during the “Arab Spring” was an ill thought-out act of treason, an abandonment of the American ideal.

After four and a half bruising years of this, here we are. Forced to close our embassies across the Muslim world last Sunday, and we are told now that they will stay closed. Jihadist groups openly chatter now, unafraid of any consequence from the toothless has-been America.

Obama releases five vicious Taliban terrorists from Gitmo as a goodwill gesture without so much as getting one soldier in return, despite the fact that “the Taliban proposed a deal in which they would free a U.S. soldier held captive since 2009 in exchange for five of their most senior operatives.” Bomb schools, kill teachers, poison girls’ schools, strap bombs on to children, oppress and torture women, harbor jihad leaders like Osama bin Laden – and perhaps you, too, will get on Obama’s favored status list.

Obama has taken this country to new lows on the international stage. I have never seen the United States so disrespected and held in such contempt. America was once synonymous with freedom. The U.S. under Obama is the laughingstock of the world.

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