Paging Dr. Frankenstein: Genetically Modified Human Babies Born Alive and Healthy

Thirty genetically modified humans were born recently. Their DNA was artificially changed as part of an experiment conducted by the Institute for Reproductive Medicine and Science of St Barnabas in New Jersey. More details HERE.

The experiment was a procedure meant to aid women who had trouble conceiving children. Genetic material from another woman was inserted into their eggs prior to conception, and now the resulting babies each have three, not two, parents (at least, with regard to DNA.) As these children grow and have kids of their own, this hybrid DNA will be passed to their own children. In effect, a new strain of humanity has been introduced.

This technique has been developed by a scientist named Jacques Cohen. He also, by the way, claims that human cloning is now not merely possible, but apparently child's play. He says, "It would be an afternoon's work for one of my students."

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 The Daily Mail reports Cohen says he has already turned down at least three requests from parents to clone a child.

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Welcome to the Brave New World. The upside is that if Republicans fail to repeal Obamacare, no facility anywhere will have either the cash-on-hand, nor the financial reward incentive, to conduct any new research. Except, of course, for the military, which might have some off-hand interest in humans created with potentially "designer" add-ons.

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