Over 3,000 A Day Murdered & The US Is Silent

Such outrage over the 20 innocent children lost at Sandy hook Elementary. Such outrage over the young lady killed in a “Drive by’ in Chicago. Such an outrage over all the deaths committed by people, with guns. Was it the guns or the people that killed? Does it really matter? It only matters if one wishes to disarm the people in order to take full control over their lives. But in America, there is little outrage over the 3,000 a day that are murdered in the wombs of their mothers.

Many would sit back and wonder just where did this number of 3,000 come from. Have you looked out across a field at 150 crosses to see what it looks like? The picture below shows this and it shows just what those 150 crosses represent; 150 children murdered every hour in America.


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Have you ever stopped to wonder just why so many babies are killed each hour? Just think, all those crosses represent one heartbeat, one child, one baby, one life. But where is the outrage over this? Why have we as a people not yelled at the top of our lungs that we should not allow this? Where is President Obama and why is it that he is not outraged over this? After all more children were killed during the time of the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting than nearly all the children that went to that school, but they were killed by having their brains sucked out while their heart beat in their tiny chest, or they were yanked out by the head and killed by chemicals while their little hearts beat! But we do not scream or demand that doctors be banned from ending innocent lives like this, do we? What have we done here, is a good question.

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Our nation has demanded the removal of guns, the removal of part of our Constitution because a young man, who was mentally unstable went and committed murder. However, due to the lack of proper mental health help, our nation has decided to go after the guns, not the idiot that abused them. The government didn’t even address the main fact that had the proper mental health procedures been in place, this individual, along with other mass shooters would have been behind lock and key instead of free to run the street, stealing cars and stealing guns to kill with! Once again, those with strong ties to Socialism and Communism seem to crawl from the woodwork, like the roaches they are, to demand more gun control when they do very little to seek out the real problem behind all of this, the mental health problem.

Look at the picture below and think of all those crosses across nearly an acre of land, each one representing a life that could have grown up to be a council man or a council woman, or a scientist, a doctor, a lawyer. OK, never mind the lawyer. They are the reason those crosses are out there! Think of those children and how they could influence our lives in one way or another. Much like those at Sandy Hook, they had no choice in the matter, they did not choose to be killed, and they did not have a voice to decide their fate. Yet, each hour over 150 babies are killed, murdered by doctors just to end their life or as some say, to get rid of a baby the mother did not want.


Look at the sign near the tree; it says, “Abortion stops a beating heart”. Yes, this is very true, after just 18 days the heart of the baby begins to beat; it is a life since the heart does in fact beat. Do you see the crosses behind that sign, those that cross from one end of that field into the other? Just two rows represent the children killed at Sandy Hook Elementary. Yet, we as a nation do not seem to worry about those lives, why? Have we as a nation just decided that if a baby is killed before it is born naturally it does not matter? 150 babies an hour, is that an amount we can live with? Instead of going after this low and disgusting act, we decide that we have to do something about guns because they kill too many of our people. One hundred and fifty babies an hour; if it is done 24 hours that would be about 3,600 babies a day, 25,200 babies a week, and 1,310,400 babies a year! That is much more than all the deaths by guns, bats, cars, and heavens knows what else, and yet we remain silent on this!


Now many will say that these children will only ad to the problems of our nation. Perhaps, or just maybe one of those killed could have come up with a solution to many problems we face and now we will never get those solutions. Our problems today are a result of our own laziness. If we were to get up off our sofa and turn the television off and make a few calls and tell our representatives to do what is right, maybe our nation would be better off, but one of those babies that were killed had that idea and it died along with the child! Well, maybe if we told our Congress to get off their butts and stop all the imports and bring down taxes on companies and make those companies want to build their manufacturing plants here instead of overseas, we would have more taxes, but that idea died with one of those babies.

Maybe, just maybe, we could say that if we built more items here in the United states, we would not have to worry about how to pay down our debt, but that idea died out in the womb of a woman. Maybe one child had the idea that if we drilled for oil here in the United States, we would not have to be so dependent on oil from other nations, but that idea died at the hands of a paid hitman in a clinic. Maybe one child had the great idea that if we built more refineries our nation would have cheaper gasoline, but that idea was extinguished at the “choice” of the mother. Maybe one child had an idea that the use of Ethanol was very bad and should be stopped to ease the pollution it causes, but again, that child and idea was destroyed before it could breathe air. Just think of how many ideas those children, that never saw the light of day, could have contributed to our nation! Maybe one child had the perfect cure for cancer, but it was killed by an abortionist in some state on a cold dark day. Yes, it does seem to be such a pity that maybe so many solutions have never been brought forth because they were never allowed to be born, and banning guns will make it all the more better, right Mr. President?

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