In Order to Win the Fight Choose Your Political Battles Carefully

Conservatives have been bombarded from all sides, from the main stream media to rabid whack-job liberals on Craigslist, Homosexuals and the Marxist Democrats in Washington D.C., we are, for all practical purposes surrounded. So where do we begin? Engaging the enemy on all fronts is a losing strategy, so WE must be the ones to pick which field to fight on. Believe it or not folks, WE are the majority, so why are we losing? The enemy has us surrounded, but they are spread too thin on all sides, so we pick which direction to focus our strength and break through the lines at THAT point. And after that is accomplished, we can turn on the weaker elements and finish them off.

The 2014 elections are not for a year, so I would suggest start by attacking the Main Stream Media. If we can break through there, we have a really good chance of winning. We all know that the MSM is the shield for Marxist Democrats, homosexuals and the race-baiters, so we must beat down that shield completely, because without it, even though they are still armed, the other elements are then open to attack.

einstein-on-politicsWe all know that the MSM lies. We all know that disinformation is their greatest weapon. They spread propaganda to the “low information voters” through many means; from the nightly news to motion pictures and even sitcoms. We must concentrate our fire on THAT point, because if we can prove that they are liars, then the low information voters will be forced to see the truth. I’m not saying that it will be easy, because we still will have to hold firm on the other fronts, but if we can dominate the media, we stand a better chance of winning. That is where YOU (the readers) come in to play. You MUST confront the lies and mistruths wherever you find them, whether it is at the coffeehouse or even at a family gathering. You MUST be armed with “truth,” so you can completely discredit the liars among you.

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Protesting is all well and good, but it is NOTHING without the battle ax of “truth,” with THAT weapon you can shatter the shield that is the MSM and then there, at that point, we can begin our main assault. We must document everything; all false information spread by the MSM by any and all means necessary, and spread “truth” in its place. You can do it with your cell phones by recording what you see and posting it on You Tube. You must confront the liars by writing to the editor of your local newspaper and calling television stations and talk radio. Writing in the comment section below this article does you no good, you MUST confront the MSM at the source. By calling them, contact them by Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. Post on Craigslist and any other websites you can. If we can dominate the Internet, we stand a better chance also.

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The enemy around you has been using this “PSYOP” tactic for quite some time now, but so can we. WE are the majority. WE can dominate them in this field. You can fight by BOMBARDING the FAX and phone lines of your elected officials. Remember, it’s not only Republicans who are coming-up for re-election, but Democrats as well! If you harass them enough, they WILL cave in!

When you have truth, then the Saul Alinsky tactics used by the Marxists will be completely discredited and overwhelmed. So what are you all waiting for? Get out there and spread some truth!

Here is one simple TRUTH:

The next time you hear some lying Marxist say it was the Republicans who shut down the government, tell them that it was Harry Reid and Barack Obama who refused to sign any bill that the Congress put before them. Congress was trying to be fiscally responsible and did not want to fund the Affordable Healthcare Act because of the immense cost to the tax payers and also because of the damage it will do to the economy. Harry Reid also trashed a bill where the Republicans said they would fund the ACA IF, it pertained to ALL members of the House, Senate AND the president. Reid said No to THAT also.

So it was Barack Obama, Harry Reid and Democrats who shut the government down.

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