Our Order of Battle – Truth In Advertising

Our nation has just suffered through the horrendous trauma of a government shutdown. Well, perhaps for some. For the rest of us, perhaps not so much. But these are troubling and uncertain times for our country and as patriotic citizens, it is our responsibility to assist our government whenever and where ever possible.

One of our most overburdened federal government is the Federal Trade Commission. The overpaid silly serpents (street talk for civil servants) of the FTC have an entire mountain of regulations to administer and our entire nation’s world of commerce upon which to administer them.

I am hereby volunteering every Tea Party Patriot, every American Biker, and anybody ill-informed enough to have actually voted for any member of the current regime and who might now be feeling a thin blade being slipped between their ribs just to the left of the spine to help these good people in the enforcement of some of their more important “truth in advertising” rules and regulations.

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This is what the web site: WWW.FTC.GOV states:

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“The Federal Trade Commission enforces these truth-in-advertising laws, and it applies the same standards no matter where an ad appears – in newspapers and magazines, online, in the mail, or on billboards or buses. The FTC looks especially closely at advertising claims that can affect consumers’ health or their pocketbooks…”

We The People really need to help these folks! Now there is not much we can do about newspapers and magazines given that they are completely controlled by the current regime and the concept of “mail” has far too many points of potential interest to even bother ourselves with. But for the rest of it…those “billboards and buses and such” which would include campaign signs (stated elsewhere on the FTC web site) – THERE is where We The People can be of assistance!

For those who have actually read our Constitution – I understand members of Congress are exempt – and for those of us who have the most rudimentary understanding of the segments of the political spectrum, it is empirically clear that the Democratic Party has about as much to do with “democracy” as the Republican Party does our “republic”.

By any measure the so called “Democratic Party” should in all reality be properly labelled as “The American National Socialist Party”…seems to me I have seen that title someplace before in history. Anyway, the current regime has pushed this country towards National Socialism and Communism from the first day they were in power; Obamacare and Core Curriculum being just a couple of the more visible examples. It is, therefore, incumbent upon We The People to correct any misconceptions about just who and what these people truly are.

This symbol is said to be a more proper representation of just who and what the Democratic Party represents and therefore should be present on every “…billboard, and bus and campaign poster associated with them.
Decals of various sizes are readily available over the internet and are reasonably inexpensive when purchased in bulk. Many, if not most, of us have access to color printers in our homes and with the help of same spray adhesive from the local hardware store we have the ability to produce our own of various sizes really inexpensively.

We need to make it our civic duty to correct any omission of this symbol on any and every advertisement we see. If questioned, we can explain about our civic duty, and if that does not work, there is that pesky old “Freedom of Speech” thing.

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