A school district in South Carolina disciplined at least 12 students who, at their parents' requests, refused to take new standardized ACT tests.

According to local news, some students felt bullied by administration to take the test, which was given last week across the entire state.

The students were removed from their classrooms and again asked by the principal to take the test. When the children refused, they were sent to the school office and received a discipline referral marked "refusal to obey," according to The Greenville News.

This refusal is part of a national backlash towards standardized tests, which many believe don't actually help their children learn.

In many states, parents can "opt-out" of the tests, but not in South Carolina. According to the South Carolina Department of Education, districts were told that state law doesn't have an opt-out provision, and that schools must give tests to everyone.

Instead of "opting out," concerned parents are "refusing" to allow their children to be tested.

But that didn't sit well from administration. Read more here.


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