Opposition To Sen. Mike Lee’s Defunding Obamacare Demonstrates Republicans Have Been Castrated

What do you do when the people you vote for no longer represent you? As the days of America’s fundamental transformation carry us further and further into the abyss, more and more Americans are waking to the debacle that is Obamacare. Ironically as the list of those opposing grows among the citizens, the ones we voted for based on the promise of repeal must have been castrated or something because they have all but jumped ship on the repeal efforts. Why? Knowing the progressives that call themselves Republicans today I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised to learn they are playing a radical game to keep us confused and allow the blame for the coming “train wreck” to fall on the shoulders of Republican Party. Would that really surprise anyone who is keeping their eye on the ball? The Republicans in general allow themselves to be blamed for everything because they are afraid of not being liked. To them saving the country is about as imperative as a high school popularity contest.

Once again I find myself regretting my support for Tom Coburn (R-OK) and other so called “Republicans” as they take a lead role in opposing Senator Mike Lee’s (R-UT) legislation to defund the increasingly unpopular healthcare law. Many Republicans are calling these efforts foolish because they believe it will destroy the Republican Party. I have news for you Republicans:

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You are destroying the Republican Party by being cowards and failing to articulate the difference between real conservatism that defends the individual, and the Marxist based liberalism that is responsible for the destruction of Detroit. Failure to realize this and take the lead in defending freedom makes you more responsible for the destruction of this nation than the liberal democrats. Why? Because we expect that from them, you are supposed to be the checks and balances against the authoritative statist position the democrats represent. You have a lot of nerve as far as I am concerned. You play the game the liberals play by allowing yourself largesse off the public treasury and then have the audacity to snub your nose at us when faced with the obvious mandate you have been given. That’s fine; you can pack your bags now because you are leaving next fall.

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The biggest problem with the republicans is that they fall in to the game of “scheming” and planning, not realizing that the liberals have mastered the tactic of making everything stick to them. They actually believe that once Obamacare is fully implemented the momentum for repeal will shift and they will be able to seize the moment. The momentum for repeal is gaining now and they are not seizing any “moment;” rather, they are showing their constituencies their true colors-yellow. They are showing America that they no longer have the intestinal fortitude to stand up to a 1960’s radical who believes in socialism because he is a cry baby who thinks everything is unfair. So in a misguided effort to show they can be fair they are letting him get away with everything he wants, like crybabies usually do.

I think they are right in assuming that the momentum will shift in favor of repeal after its implementation; however, that is when it will become downright impossible to repeal. Whatever freebies that are involved will likely offset the negative effects for many people making repeal efforts appear to be, for all practical purposes, “Big evil Republicans trying to take away poor people’s healthcare.” Think about it, the majority of people want it repealed now and they are afraid to do it, wait until later down the road when it becomes one of the only viable options for obtaining coverage.

I would also like to know what they are going to do about the little IRS issue. In case you have forgotten, the IRS, the agency responsible for policing Obamacare has not only just been caught targeting Obama’s political opposition, but they have been hiring new agents and arming themselves as well. So, failure to repeal this beast puts the Republican Party responsible for whatever ill effects will come from this madness. It doesn’t matter if it’s the Democrat’s bill. These ding dongs posing as republicans have lost their cajones and haven’t even put an honest effort into repealing it. It would be one thing if there was an obvious tooth and nail effort but they went out with a whimper not a bang. Let them know what you think America.

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