Opium Wars – 175 Years and Still Going Strong

This all started back in 1839 and has grown to become a global scourge. You can thank the banking cartel for their humanitarian efforts later, but now let’s look at one of their greatest contributions to man-kind. Not only have they dedicated themselves to destroying silver, but in the process they found a way to destroy neighborhoods, cities and entire regions around the world.

My brother died at the age of 45 from, what was ruled, an accidental overdose. He had been a heroin addict most of his life. The usual story, in and out of rehab and jail, government sponsored methadone programs, lying, stealing, etc., etc., etc. The reason that I am sharing this is because of a story that has been developing for well over a year and is back in the news again. “Land used for opium cultivation at historic high – UN.” This story from RT describes how the Afghans are now using a larger percentage of their precious farm land to produce opium. Why would they do this? Well, the answer is quiet simple. The banking cartel fund the operations in order to produce heroin for the global drug trade.

As reported by RT:

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Afghanistan heads the field documenting a massive increase in 2012, with at least 209,000 hectares devoted to the cultivation of opium. Myanmar comes in second place, with a total of 57,800 hectares used to grow the primary ingredient of heroin.

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The United Nations has been tracking for several years and knows precisely how much heroin to opium is produced and personally I find this a little disturbing. Why would the UN be tracking such information and how would they have such detailed information? The only way possible is for someone to be on the ground and inside the various operations and farms and report on this illegal drug.

Who is doing the reporting? Could it be the United States Armed Forces assigned to oversee the fields? Why was the Taliban demonized, when under the Taliban rule the opium production dropped to record lows? Why was the Taliban overthrown, by the US Armed Forces? Could it have been to insure the opium production did not continue falling? Could it have been to insure the narco-drug trade, along with the narco-drug money continued to flow from this region? Don’t misunderstand, I am not saying the Taliban is looking out for the good of humanity, I am just pointing out a fact. The Taliban has their humanitarian issues as well, but I am not addressing those at this time, strictly heroin and opium production.

The UNODC classifies drug use around the world as stable, estimating that 5 percent of the world’s population aged between 15 and 64 years used an illegal drug in 2012. It says that around 27 million people are considered “problem drug users,” about 6 percent of the world’s population.

If the banking cartel did not have a vested interest in the heroin drug trade, why would they track this type of information? The banking cartel, which donated the land the UN sits on in New York, has a vested interest in their business. The business of selling highly addictive drugs to your children in your neighborhood. If this was not a business model that was making billions of dollars, USDollars, for the international banking cartel why would the following, highly detailed information not be used by INTERPOL, the CIA, Scotland Yard and every other police force on the planet to stop these operations? It is not profitable to stop the drug trade or the “drug war.”

From the UNODC World Drug Report 2014:

There is evidence that Afghan heroin is increasingly reaching new markets, such as Oceania and South-East Asia, that had been traditionally supplied from South-East Asia. The long-established Balkan route seems to remain a corridor for the transit of Afghan heroin to the lucrative markets in Western and Central Europe, but its importance has declined due to various factors such as more effective law enforcement and a shrinking market in Western and Central Europe, as seen by the decline in opiate use and seizures in the subregion and the reduced level of supply compared with the peak levels of 2007.

The so-called “southern route” is expanding, with heroin being smuggled through the area south of Afghanistan reaching Europe, via the Near and Middle East and Africa, as well as directly from Pakistan. [emphasis added]

I believe that if we were to put together a Team of people dedicated to stopping the drug trade we could use the above information to, at least, put a serious dent in the movement of heroin. I barely graduated high school and only attended college for the “parties.” With my limited “education” I believe I could figure out how to impact these drug trade routes and make a difference. With that said, why are the people that have dedicated their lives to “stopping the drug trade” and participating in the “War on Drugs” not been able to slow down production, transportation and international sell of drugs? Answer—IT IS NOT PROFITABLE.

The next time you hear of an intervention or see what is presumed to be an addict of any kind, remember, their lives were, in part, destroyed by the banking cartel. Please don’t take my word for it, do your own research and come to your own conclusions. The heroin flowing through your neighborhood right now was brought to you by these fine sponsors–JPMorganState Street Bank New YorkBank New York MellonHSBCGoldman Sachs and the Federal Reserve, just to name a few.


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